Author: Tracey McAlpine Category: Lifestyle, Environment

How exactly does Fairtrade help workers and their families in developing countries.

Have you seen products in the supermarket labelled Fairtrade, tea, coffee, chocolate and bananas are just some of the products which carry the Fairtrade label, but until recently I didn’t really understand exactly what this meant to families in developing countries.

Dr Bronner’s the oldest soap maker in history has developed long term relationships with farmers to create ethical, sustainable and respectful working practices to produce some of the finest pure soap products.

Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps help families in developing countries through Fairtrade

This video explains how Dr Bronner’s create their products while taking into account the environment, as well as the workers involved in producing their products.  I don’t know of another company that puts so much back into society than Dr Bronner’s.


Take the time to watch the video and next time you’re out shopping pick up a Fairtrade product in the knowledge that the person producing it has been fairly and honestly treated.

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