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Pure and Smoked Seaweed infused organic rapeseed oils perfect for adding extra nutrients to meals

I’ve been sneaking additional nourishment into meals for over 30 years.  Tomatoes and carrots into the Spaghetti Bolognese when the children were younger, spinach into the smoothies and lashings of olive oil into everything from soups to salads.  I love an ingredient with added health benefits and my latest find, Weed & Wonderful, has just that.  Light and delicate organic rapeseed oil infused with Pure, and Smoked, Scottish Seaweed is the creation of Doctor Seaweed.

Craig Rose PhD, aka Doctor Seaweed, is a marine biologist and wild seaweed harvester.  He has a passion for getting us all to appreciate the benefits of seaweed found naturally in our costal waters.  It’s a forgotten food that our ancestors would have used, and in many cultures is widely recognised for its health boosting powers. 

Weed & Wonderful Pure and Smoked Scottish Seaweed infused organic rapeseed oil

Whether you choose the organic rapeseed oil with pure Scottish Seaweed or Smoked Scottish Seaweed, the flavour is wonderful drizzled over vegetables or fish, splashed over salads or added to a stir fry.  For a more intense flavour, reach for the Intense Smoked Seaweed infused organic rapeseed oil.  Add towards the end of cooking or add to the finished dish, this oil tastes wonderful dropped into Hummus or Baba Ghanoush.  Seaweed makes a great alternative to salt as a flavour enhancer, it has a natural umami taste, so you might find you need little additional seasoning.

Want to know more about seaweed and why we should include it in our diet?  Watch the video below


As Doctor Seaweed says, ‘seaweed isn’t weird it’s wonderful’, it’s full of health benefits from being a  natural source of iodine which so many of us are deficient in, to helping with weight and blood sugar management, thyroid health and cognitive function.  As you would need a more concentrated amount of seaweed for these health benefits, Weed & Wonderful also has a supplement, Organic Scottish Seaweed Capsules.  The capsules contain Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed powder and nothing else.

I’m continuing to add extra nutrients to meals with Weed & Wonderful as well as being partial to just dunking chunks of crusty bread into the oil – delicious!


Weed & Wonderful InfusedSeaweed Oils
Weed & Wonderful infused oils from £8.99 and supplements £19.95 from Seaweed & Co, Amazon, Planet Organic and Wholefoods