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We review this versatile orthotic shoe that offers comfort and style

I always have a pair of ballet flats in my wardrobe. Why? Because they are the most versatile shoes. You can wear them with dresses and skirts, evening trousers, or casually with jeans or leggings. They will take you through every season and they are ideal to pack for a weekend away or holiday. They sound perfect don’t they. But wait, ballet flats, slippers or pumps, as they are often known, don’t offer a lot of support and are not always comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Unless of course, they are made by Vionic Shoes.

What makes Vionic Shoes different?

Every pair of Vionic Shoes are crafted with Vio-Motion Technology which means they have been designed to hug your arches and comfortably support your feet in three comfort zones. Each Vionic Shoe features a built-in orthotic that prevents and helps treat heel pain called plantar fasciitis. So, if you are suffering from back, knee or heel pain, wearing an orthotic shoe could really reduce your level of discomfort. They really work for me.

woman wearing flat black ballet style shoes sitting in a garden on a wall

Vionic Shoes Hannah Ballet Flat

Unlike a normal ballet style shoe, the Vionic Shoes Hannah Ballet Flat’s, offer all day support and protection against foot, knee and leg pain. The shoes literally help to realign your body helping to prevent pain and injury.

For this review, I chose the Hannah Ballet Flat in super soft black leather, they are also available in soft suede in black and wine. The shoes have an almond shaped toe that is plenty wide enough for your toes to sit comfortably. There is a cute metallic heel accent that elevates the shoes from the ordinary to the stylish. The shoes are lined in soft leather and are available in a medium foot width, in sizes 3-9, with some half sizes also available.

woman wearing a flat orthotic ballet style shoes sitting on a wall in a garden

I have really enjoyed wearing these shoes. They are slim and delicate even on my large size 7.5 feet. The leather is soft but very supportive and the sole is practical rubber, so I can wear the shoes through the autumn and winter, without the fear of slipping. I have been lucky enough to be given several pairs of Vionic Shoes over the past five years. And I have also purchased other Vionic shoes myself. Every pair of Vionic Shoes I have, still look as good as the day they arrived. Yes, they are an investment but what price can you put on having comfortable shoes and feet? I know that I will have these shoes in my wardrobe for many years to come.

woman standing in a garden wearing a flat black ballet style shoe from Vionic Shoes

How to wear your Vionic Shoes

Vionic suggest that for the greatest comfort that you wear a new pair of Vionic Shoes for just a few hours for the first few days. This allows your feet to adjust to new positioning and to get the most benefit from the orthotic support. They say that within a couple of weeks, you will find the shoes completely comfortable and supportive. I’ve found that my feet become accustomed to the shoes quite quickly, especially if you wear them in the house for a few hours when they first arrive.

women's feet on a wall in a garden wearing black flat ballet style shoes

What other shoes do Vionic make?

Vionic Shoes make a variety of different styles of comfortable and stylish orthotic shoes for men and women. Everything from shoes, boots, trainers and slippers, all designed with the same Vio- Motion Technology for good foot health.

Where can I buy Vionic Shoes?

You can buy Vionic Shoes directly from the Vionic Shoes website.

Hannah Ballet Flats are in the Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection £110.00 available from Vionic Shoes

With thanks to Vionic for supplying the shoes for this review – press sample

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