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The less is more approach to naturally healthy-looking skin

You must reach a certain level of achievement to be known by only one name.  Adele, Twiggy and Oprah need no further introduction.  In the Beauty Industry, Vaishaly is the same.  For the past twenty years her expertise and popularity as a super facialist has grown to the point where only one name matters.

I was invited to meet Vaishaly in her London clinic and experience the Signature Facial.  On the way there, walking down Marylebone High Street, it was reminiscent of going to the Headmistress’s office, not knowing whether you were going to be praised or scolded.

I take good care of my skin, always cleanse before bed, remember my sunscreen, yes, even in winter, eat a good diet and try to tick all the boxes.  But no matter how well you think you are doing there’s always room for improvement. 

Vaishaly is known for her less is more approach to beauty, so I was hoping that my pared down, but precise routine would meet with her approval.

What’s involved in a Vaishaly Signature Facial

I arrived at the clinic in good time and after completing a short form, I was warmly greeted by Vaishaly.  Instantly any fears I had of being admonished slipped from my mind as we made our way to the comfort of the treatment room.  In fact, Vaishaly said my skin looked good, putting me completely at ease.  I slipped off my top and shoes and climbed onto the treatment bed.  The lights were dim, the music soft and soothing as Vaishaly cleansed my skin.  I had arrived with very little makeup, a quickly flick of mascara and a touch of blush so as not to scare the other passengers on the Northern Line.

After cleansing, Vaishaly performed one of the most significant parts of the facial, extractions.  She is known for clearing skin of any gunk that might be lurking in your pores.  For me, this happens mainly around my nose, so with swift and efficient use of an extraction tool, Vaishaly swept away those tell-tale blackheads. 

Removing unwanted debris didn’t stop there.  Vaishaly explained that rather than using peels where it’s hard to target individual areas of the face, she prefers to use microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells.  With this method of gently buffing the skin, she can monitor how much skin is being removed and control the amount in each area of the face. 

Once the microdermabrasion is complete a high frequency multi-functional tool is used to dry and close the pores.  This helps kill any bacteria on the skin and is particularly useful if your skin is oily or you suffer from acne.

Massage is a key element of the Vaishaly Signature Facial

Massage plays a major part in the Signature Facial and rather than vigorous manipulation, Vaishaly gently sweeps her hands over your face and cups it slowly moving the bones.  The actions are so subtle you wonder if they are really making a difference.  This releases tension, increases blood flow and circulation and it’s not until afterwards you realise how powerful these gentle movements are. 

Vaishaly is a firm believer in cranial sacral massage, to release tension and promote relaxation of the mind and body.  To lay down in the middle of the day is always a treat, but to be warm and cosy and have someone gently working the back of your neck is bliss.  Although I didn’t fall asleep, I was definitely more relaxed than I had been for a long time. 

Vaishaly told me that many people drift off to sleep and some have even experienced vivid dreams.  It’s this massive release of tension which helps you look more youthful after the treatment. 

When I asked Vaishaly if there was anything we could all do to improve our skin she replied, less is more, don’t overload your skin with too many products and always massage your face, everyday!

What are the results of a Vaishaly Signature Facial

It’s always a harsh reality to go back into the world after such a relaxing experience but, I was surprised at how lovely my skin looked when I nipped into the bathroom before leaving.  It was glowing and looked super clean and smooth, and no redness, which surprised me, especially around my nose.  I felt sure everyone would know I had been de-gunked.  In fact, the normally obvious broken veins near my nose looked less obvious.  The line between my eyebrows had been softened and my features appeared lifted.  I confidently left the Clinic without makeup.

Is the Vaishaly Signature Facial worth it

I’m not going to pretend that a facial with Vaishaly is inexpensive.  It’s not.  You must look at this type of treatment in the same way as you would a private medical or dental treatment.  I visit the dental hygienist every 4 months to improve on the routine treatment I give my mouth twice a day.  The Signature Facial I believe should be treated in the same way.  If you have chronic skin conditions, you may need to visit more often.  If like me, you take good care of your skin and have a good regime, the facial would definitely boost the work you do the rest of the year. 

As well as Vaishaly, she has a team of carefully selected and well-trained therapists to carry out the treatments.

Unlike many facials which are purely pampering, the Vaishaly Signature Facial is transforming.  Not only will your skin look and feel better, your whole body will benefit.  The night of the facial I slept better than I have for months and months.  The following day I woke up unbelievably happy, calm and relaxed. 

What price can you put on that?

The Signature Facial with Vaishaly is £200.00 and £120.00 with one of the team of expert therapists.

The Signature Facial is available from The Vaishaly Clinic 51 Paddington Street, London W1U 4HR

With thanks to Vaishaly for the Signature Facial