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How to embrace it gracefully on a dedicated retreat

Are you experiencing them: those feelings of ‘change’ in the run up to and after we turn 50?  It may just be mild mind fog.  But it could also be monstrous night sweats.  Many of us, I’ll bet, grow sadly aware that we’re somehow not quite as magnetic as we once were.

Yet, it really doesn’t have to be a slippery slope.  I speak from personal experience and out of huge gratitude for wonderful women who have helped me navigate the minefield of the menopause and reclaim the sparkle of my younger years.  Which is why I’ve gathered them together to curate the first women-only retreat on the art of Ageing Gracefully.

I actually think menopause is ‘having a moment’.  Let’s embrace it, share our stories and feel great!

Ageing Gracefully
Bovey Castle

January 25th -28th 2018


This retreat is a Menopause 360: offering women the chance to deepen their understanding of their bodies and relationship with life from two different yet complementary perspectives: the medical – how to tackle biological change, and the energetic – how to create subtle shifts to reconnect with our inner selves.

Guests will take part in a series of interactive workshops and one-to-one sessions with these specialists:

Dr Amalia Annaradnam is Grace Belgravia’s hormone specialist who will guide women through the question of HRT, bio-identicals and practical lifestyle suggestions around diet and exercise.

Kalindi Jordan, an expert in female sensual energy, will teach embodied breathing, movement and visualisation techniques that help us feel more grounded and alive. She’ll also hold morning yoga focusing on energising our womb space.

This all takes place in private lodges in the grounds of historic Bovey Castle hotel in Devon with log fires, winter walks and delicious food.  This is not a detox retreat! There’ll be voluntary evening dance and art sessions and the chance to have massages with an expert whom we’ve chosen specially.

Guests have their own double room, hotel transfers from Exeter station or airport and are offered a 10% discount on post retreat follow-up sessions.

So, wherever you are on this very individual journey, you can age gracefully, without losing it!  In other words, banish night sweats and mood swings and boost self-compassion and sexual magnetism.

Ageing Gracefully is supported by BeingSophie, White Calm Retreats and Grace Belgravia.


Sophie Benge

Sophie Benge

For more information contact Sophie Benge:, 07951056609.  She’s a journalist, author and copywriter in spa, beauty and wellbeing.  BeingSophie