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The fashion boutique where ageism is never in style

If I was going to create a fashion boutique aimed at women over 40, this is how it would look.  There would be a collection of carefully curated pieces, selected with an older woman in mind, who has changed shape over the years, and wants to enhance her assets and hide her flaws.  The clothes would be sewn using the finest fabrics, in styles that stand out from those available on the high street.  The clothes would be individual and memorable, there would be bags and shoes to go with the outfits and instead of being promoted by professional models, the clothes would be shown on women like you and I, women of different sizes, shapes and heights.

By now you must be thinking this would be too good to be true, as no such boutique exists.  Well, you may be surprised to know that in fact it does, and it’s called the-Bias-Cut-com.


Clothes from

Clothes from the Autumn/Winter Collection from

Jacynth Bassett, founder of the-Bias-Cut, although much younger than the woman she created the company for, was well aware of the frustrations older women have finding clothes.  Inspired by her mother Marilyn, who found the Fashion Industry had either completely overlooked the older woman or offered a poor selection of frumpy, dowdy styles.  Jacynth carefully researched the industry and made it her mission to stop ageism in fashion.  No stranger to studying, Jacynth had recently graduated with a degree in law from Cambridge University when she had the idea for the-Bias-Cut.  While learning all she could about fashion retail, she worked in a designer charity shop founded by Mary Portas. 

To better understand her target audience, Jacynth started a weekly blog, which still runs on the-Bias-Cut website, this helped her to connect with women, and to share tips, inspiration, and discussion on ageism within the Fashion Industry.


Shoes and Bags from

Shoes and Bags from

Since the-Bias-Cut launched in March 2016, it has grown from originally showcasing 4 British labels to now offering 23 British and European independent brands.  Jacynth ensures that all the labels are from premium designers and sets high standards for style, quality and cut.  The clothes must be flattering to an older woman.  Although the garments are fashionable, they are not fashion led, the brands do not cater specifically for the 40+ market but recognise that women of all ages can, and want to, look and feel stylish.

As well as being available on-line, the-Bias-Cut can be found at pop-up parties that are hosted in homes and through women’s networks, for those who would prefer not to shop on-line.

To learn about the-Bias-Cut, I invited Jacynth to explain more about her company and the women’s clothes in the collection.  Please watch our video below.


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