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The revolutionary 30 day fitness plan that could help your change your life

So, that sounds a little dramatic you might think, however is a mere book going to change the habits of a lifetime, well read on.  Paul Mumford had a life changing experience when he was only 30, his lifestyle and lack of exercise contributed to a disc herniaton.   One of his intervertebral discs had burst resulting in intense pain in the lower back and down his legs.

Paul was hospitalised for a long period of time and it was here he really got his wake up call.  Working with a physiotherapist to build strength in the damaged areas, Paul discovered that his muscular system played a far greater role in how his body functioned, and that in fact it was there to help him live life in comfort.

So the journey began to learn all he could about how fitness helps us to function in daily life and how he could help others to become pain free.

How do I start exercising if I’ve never done it before?

If you’ve never exercised before or you’ve lapsed over the years, starting a new programme can be daunting.  Many people are too intimidated to join a gym, so working out at home is the ideal solution.  Using The Accumulator as your guide all you need is a little bit of determination and the desire to change the way you approach exercise.  The exercises in the book get progressively harder as you become more accomplished so it’s never too hard to get started whatever your fitness level.

It really is mind over matter

If you really want to be a fitter, healthier you, it’s down to having the right mind-set.  Paul starts off by explaining how to succeed by focusing your mind on your goal and how to achieve it.  No one said it was going to be easy but following the sensible guidelines you have a better chance of changing your body shape, losing weight and becoming fitter.

Fit for life

If fitness is mentioned and you immediately think of sport, competing against others or maybe a cold wet playing field when you when at school, think again.  Fitness is not necessarily sport, even though you need to be fit to play sport, fitness is only competing with yourself and is the key to a strong and healthy old age.

Whether you just want to be able to carry your groceries home, reach to change a light bulb or play with your grandchildren, being fit will make this possible.  The beauty of the exercises shown in The Accumulator is that they will enable to you to function better in your daily life.  This is functional fitness at its best.  With The Accumulator you will learn how to exercise properly, this is really important because if you continue to move with bad form you will risk becoming injured.

Most importantly The Accumulator tackles the two most commonly mentioned issues, lack of time and lack of money

Paul Mumford discusses The Accumulator with Tracey McAlpine below

Eating right for life

Most of the first 100 pages of The Accumulator are taken up with diet, which foods you should concentrate on eating and which to avoid.  Paul Mumford makes no secret about how important eating the correct diet is to your overall well-being.  From avoiding caffeine to cooking ahead, Paul explains how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

How to exercise if you are over fifty

The Accumulator workout is designed to teach you how to move the way the body wants you to, it will help you to become fitter over a period of time and the exercises will challenge you to work harder as the month progresses.  Starting with a short period of exercise each day you will be guided through the month building your confidence and ability one step at a time.

The Accumulator Programme

Paul Mumford isn’t a distant writer; he’s available through his website and Facebook group to help support you through the programme.  You can join the groups online and get all the encouragement and advice you need to succeed in becoming fitter and healthier.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is the key to ageing well and remaining independent.  The Accumulator is the first step to living the life you want as you get older.

The Accumulator – The Revolutionary 30 Day Fitness Plan £11.34 available from Amazon

The Accumulator 


As with all fitness programmes, consult your doctor before starting!