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Temple Spa take the guess work out of buying effective skincare

If skincare wasn’t a challenge before we had a global pandemic, it certainly is now. Department stores, salons and spas have been closed for so long that we have had to choose skincare products without taking advice. Thankfully, skincare experts Temple Spa, have simplified choosing the right products for your skin with their recently launched My Kinda Skin – Essential Skincare Collection.

Temple Spa has carefully selected a range of products in 5 essential kits, to cleanse, tone and moisturise, every one of us.

If you don’t know your skin type, use this handy guide to find out which collection is right for you

Oily: For skin types that experience excess oil, blemishes and breakouts

Dry: For skin that can be dry and flaky and always thirsty for your skincare

Combination: If your skin sits somewhere between dry and oily and just can’t make up its mind!

Normal: For skin that’s totally balanced and requires great pillars of skincare

Sensitive: If irritation and redness are something your skin experiences

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Collection three skincare items displayed in front of a cosmetic bag

Temple Spa Essential Skincare Collections

Each Essential Skincare Collection features three highly effective products delivered in a practical mesh toilet bag, perfect for at home or when we can travel. And by buying the products in these collections, you’ll save £10.00.

Oily Skin Essentials £65.00 contains:

Way To Go – purifying cleansing wash 150ml
Toning Essence – essential mist tonic without alcohol 150ml
Moisture Matte – mattifying moisturiser 50ml

Dry Skin Essentials £74.00 contains:

In The Beginning – deep cleansing melt 75g
Toning Essence – essential mist tonic without alcohol 150ml
Double Cream – hydrating moisturiser 50ml

Combination Skin Essentials £65.00 contains:

Dual Act – wet and dry cleansing lotion 150ml
Toning Essence – essential toning mist without alcohol 150ml
Moisture To Go – balancing moisturiser 50ml

Norm-all Skin Essentials £65.00 contains:

Good To Go – creamy foaming cleanser 170ml
Toning Essence – essential toning mist without alcohol 150ml
Life Defence – SPF30 moisturiser 50ml

Sensitive Skin Essentials £65.00 contains:

Be Gone – kind-hearted cleansing crème 150ml
Toning Essence – essential mist tonic without alcohol 150ml
Be Still – settling moisturiser 50ml

Woman holding three Temple Spa skincare products out in front of her

Why choose Temple Spa

I was introduced to Temple Spa years ago by Victoria Health. Since then, the brand has grown, and the product range has expanded. What hasn’t changed, is the passion behind this privately owned, award-winning, British company founded by Liz and Mark Warom. Their love of the Mediterranean inspired them to create a professional skincare range that could be enjoyed at home. Their focus has always been on skin health, encouraging us to age well and to feel well, and that’s exactly how their products make you feel. The products are packed with natural ingredients and don’t contain parabens, SLS or SLES, and of course, they are never tested on animals.

Temple Spa is always in my bathroom!

Found in some of the best spas in the country, and constantly in my bathroom, I always have at least one Temple Spa product in my routine, it’s often an eye product as I love Windows Of The Soul and Eye Truffle, which is still one of the very best eye products I have ever used. When I was invited to trial the new My Kinda Skin Essential Collection, I chose the kit for Normal Skin. Not only because my skin is normally quite well behaved, but also because it would suit so many of us.

Good To Go – creamy foaming cleanser – is new a new product to me and it fitted straight into my routine as I love a wash off cleanser for my second cleanse. Lightly fragranced and almost good enough to eat, with aloe vera, carrot, bergamot, lemon tangerine, cucumber, honey, watercress and multivitamins. This really is skin food! A little goes a long way and your skin is left feeling clean and soft and not in the least dry. I know this product is staying in my bathroom, provided no one pinches it, it’s perfect for men and women.

Toning Essence – essential mist tonic without alcohol – is also new to me but I think we are going to be friends for life. Like the cleanser, the ingredient list reads like a menu. Tomato, lemon, orange, melon, rosemary, basil, mandarin, lime and ginger are combined to make the most refreshing spritz. My skin feels hydrated after using the Toning Essence and it’s nothing like the toners we had years ago. This product is adding moisture not stripping it.

Life Defence – SPF30 moisturiser is an old favourite of mine. It’s light and easily absorbed. It works equally well under makeup or without it and it gives the skin a healthy natural glow. Skin feels hydrated and protected at the same time. Natural ingredients feature in the ingredient list. There’s an antioxidant complex of rocket, ginseng root, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to soothe and protect. This is a daily must have if you are like me and want a moisturiser with an effective sunscreen.

The My Kinda Skin Essential Collection is one of the best value for money kits I’ve seen for a long time. Each one contains three full-sized products that I know you will use every drop of. They also make wonderful gifts if you need a hint!

The My Kinda Skin Essential Skincare Collection is available now from Temple Spa

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