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We review the Vionic Shoes Spring/Summer Collection – it’s the best yet!

I recently had a wardrobe clear out.  Not the full Marie Kondo, I just started on the shoes.  Mainly because they were spilling over the bedroom floor as I’ve used up every inch of space in the wardrobes.  What struck me as I sorted shoes for the charity shop and others for the recycling centre, was that my favourite shoes, and the ones I wear the most, are mainly from Vionic Shoes.  Some gifted to be featured in reviews, others I have purchased online.

What makes Vionic Shoes different is the orthotic footbed which helps stabilise the foot and naturally realigns you.  This means that your shoes could actually prevent injuries or even heal existing ones.  I know that Vionic Shoes have made a difference to the recovery of a knee injury I had last year.  The shoes position you correctly and because they hug your feet, they’re comfortable to wear all day long.

I recently attended the launch of Vionic Shoes Spring/Summer Collection and once again they have pulled off so many styles that have gone straight onto my wish list.  Whether you are looking for flip-flop sandals for your holiday, casual sneakers or elegant shoes with heels, they have them in a variety of gorgeous colours and even go up to a women’s size 9.

Take a look at some of the fabulous styles that were showcased


Josie Vionic Shoes SS Collection


The Josie is a practical shoe with the perfect heel height.  Ideal to take you from the office straight out in the evening.  Available in sizes 3-9 and 11 different colours!


Kaia Vionic Shoes SS Collection


Continuing the animal print theme, the Kaia has a stacked heel and open toe, perfect for those holiday nights or equally good around town.  Sizes 3-9 and in 3 colours.


Keke Vionic Shoes SS Collection

Smart trainers are my favourite shoes from Vionic, I have several pairs that have become my staple footwear.  This year the Keke is available in leather and suede, in four colours and sweet ribbon laces.  I know there is a pair just waiting for me!  Sizes 3-9 and in 4 colours.

Vionic Shoes Spring Summer Collection

Have a browse at all these gorgeous styles available throughout the Spring and Summer.  Don’t forget that Vionic has a range of men’s shoes as well as women’s.  There’s everything from slippers to smart lace up shoes and boots.

Vionic the finest quality shoes

I’m not going to pretend that Vionic Shoes are cheap, they’re not.  But they are exceptional value for money.  The leather is of the finest quality and the shoes are crafted; they are so well finished that it’s not surprising that they last for such a long time.  And, of course you have the added bonus of an orthotic footbed.

Cameo – Vionic Shoes Spring/Summer Collection


Cameo Vionic Shoes SS Collection

This year I wanted a comfortable slip-on shoe to take on holiday.  The criteria was that they had to be light and easy to put on and off.  If you’ve ever had to remove shoes at the security area of an airport, you’ll know how important this is.  I wanted them to be comfortable to wear all day and to still look stylish.  The Cameo ticked all the boxes.  The shoes cradle the foot and have plenty of room across the instep, important if your feet are likely to get hot and swell by the end of the day.  The mixed texture upper combined with the leather, elevates the shoe from a trainer to something much smarter.  These shoes look good dressed up or down.  The shoes are super comfortable even after you’ve worn them all day long. I wanted to post some stylish photographs of me strolling along the beach or posing in the sunshine but, the British weather being what it is, every time I’ve tried to do this it’s poured.  So, I am sharing with you the only photographs that we did manage to take on a freezing cold day in Margate. 


Cameo Vionic Shoes Spring Summer Collection

I knew that if I didn’t tell you quickly about the amazing range of shoes in this year’s Vionic Spring/Summer Collection, it would be autumn and we will all be wanting boots.  What am I saying, it’s the UK, we want boots all year round, and yes, Vionic has a wonderful range of boots, available right throughout the year.  That’s why I love this brand so much, they think of everything.

Vionic Shoes

With thanks to Vionic Shoes for the Cameo shoes – press samples