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5 double ended brushes for perfect makeup application every time!

One of the many things I’ve learned as I’ve got older, is that good tools are worth investing in.  Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, quality tools stand the test of time and do their job far more efficiently.

Having a great set of makeup brushes definitely enhances your creativity and helps makeup application, even if you aren’t a skilled makeup artist.  Some of my favourite brushes are from Studio 10, the PRO AGE quick-fix makeup range designed specifically for women as we age.  I’ve been using Studio 10 brushes since they launched.  They wear and wash extremely well.  Now, the range has got even better.  Studio 10 has just launched the latest vegan, animal cruelty free range of double ended, pro-quality makeup brushes.

The collection includes 5 brushes created with Taklon bristles, using advanced synthetics.  The brushes are low shed and are completely hypoallergenic.  They clean really easily and are less likely to hold bacteria or create an allergic reaction.  Each brush is perfectly weighted and dual-purpose, which means they take up less space in your makeup bag or carry-on.

The Studio 10 Pro Brush Collection includes these 5 brushes for flawless makeup application

Studio 10 Vegan Pro-Makeup Brushes


A double ended foundation, crème or face brush which gives a smooth even finish. What I love about this brush is the finger shaped tip, that helps the application of foundation on the contours of the face and gets into every ceviche.  The stippling and buffing brush at the other end gives a perfectly smooth finish and smoothes product out of any lines and wrinkles. £28.00


This double ended brush is perfect for concealing blemishes, pigmentation and imperfections.  The tip is tapered to a point giving you easy access to hard to reach areas of the face.  The wide flat brush at the other end is ideal for applying concealer under the eyes.  It’s gentle but very effective. £26.00


Cheek and contouring brush for perfect blush, bronzer or highlighting.  The softly tapered and shaped tip helps define and contour and the domed brush is ideal for blending.  £28.00

Eye Shadow

The double ended eye shadow brush gives precision application whether shaping or blending.  The flat round tip is ideal for applying colour and base shadows and the ‘pony tail’ brush also works well for controlled shaping or blending.  £26.00

Eye Definer

Another double ended brush which is perfect for shaping and definition.  One end features a tapered angled tip for precision shading and shaping the socket and at the other end, there’s a flat angled liner brush.  £26.00

The beauty of the Studio 10 range of Pro-Brushes, is that you only need 5 brushes to complete any makeup look you desire.  The brushes are perfect for travelling as they take up half the space of a single ended brush.  What’s not to love?

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