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SisterStay the safe, secure, and fun way to travel alone

We’ve all read the headlines: women over 50 lead the way in solo travel. Who are these women and where are they going?

I’ve long thought that visiting distant friends is my kind of solo travel. Somewhere warm and welcoming to stay. Someone to give me the inside info on what not to miss while I’m there. Someone to share a meal with so I’m not holding my book upside down, pretending to read, before heading back to a lonely hotel room.

Life inevitably changes for women when we get to our fifties and sixties, especially if we’ve spent time bringing up a family. In what feels like a very short period, a number of significant things that have helped to shape our identities suddenly seem to shift around us. Kids leave home. Sometimes partners do too. Careers often wind down as we start to plan what this next chapter in our life will look like. In theory, it’s the first time we might actually have good health, spending money and leisure time – all at once – to enjoy ourselves. But we often end up waiting around for travel partners and if we find one, having to compromise on where we’d like to go.

SisterStay is a shared and supportive community of like-minded women

Imagine choosing the destination, then booking to stay with a ready-made friend who’s already there – someone whose interests coincide with yours and is part of the same welcoming community of ID-verified females over 50. That’s exactly what SisterStay offers and that’s the vision we have for life-loving women everywhere.

There’s a shared humanity amongst older women which makes it very easy to spend time in each other’s company. No matter which path we have travelled to arrive where we are, we all have life experiences in common that pave the way for comfortable conversation and an easy conviviality.

It takes courage to step out of our comfort zones and embrace all the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer, but it’s a lot less intimidating within a supportive community like SisterStay. We all know that staying socially connected, challenging ourselves to do new things and remaining interested in what’s going on around us are some of the key elements required to counter the aging process. With current advances in medicine, it’s likely that many of us will reach our 100th birthday. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just survive to 100, I want to thrive!

I’m determined not to let my world shrink, not to become invisible or incapable as I navigate this second half of life. It’s the perfect time to take up new hobbies, learn new skills and explore new places. It just takes a little bravery. And determination. And maybe the helping hand of a friend we’ve not yet met.

Sue-Anne Founder of SisterStay
Sue-Anne Founder of SisterStay

Whether you are a Guest or Host you will be making new friendships

One of the things women most like about SisterStay – apart from the security of knowing exactly who is coming through the door – is the sense of belonging. We’re all part of the same community; we’re in this together. It is such a wonderful feeling to be welcomed into a real home by a friendly Host and at a rate which is affordable for all. It means we can take a mini-break whenever we fancy, exploring somewhere different, maybe signing up for a short course or attending an interesting event.

For privacy, our website is closed to the general public. But once you’ve been through the verification process, it’s easy to view other members’ Profiles with photos and interests and accommodation offerings. Although we only started in 2019, we already have Hosts from Padstow to Penrith and are always open to new members. Join us as Host or Guest or both – whatever suits you.

SisterStay is a homestay community like no other. We’re all friendly, ID-verified women over 50 who want to make the most of life and we’d be delighted to help you do the same.


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