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Modern laundry care for the clothes you love

As the weather turns colder out come all my favourite cashmere jumpers.  Over the years I’ve invested in this fine fabric that feels so luxurious against my skin, helps to regulate my temperature (thanks menopause) and still looks good years after purchase.  But the one thing I really don’t like is the careful hand washing and rinsing needed to keep cashmere looking its best.

Now I have discovered Soak Wash, a thoroughly modern and easy way to wash cashmere, wool and delicate items of clothing without rinsing.


Soap Wash hand washing liquid detergent

Soak Wash is a delicately fragranced liquid detergent that gently and thoroughly cares for the clothes you love.  Fill the sink with cool water drop in a teaspoon of Soak and leave garments soaking for 15 minutes, then simply squeeze out the excess water without rinsing.  Roll jumpers in a towel to dry, or if they are light, a gentle spin in the machine in a Lakeland laundry bag.   Then hang or lay flat to dry.  The low suds action of Soak Wash means you can also use it in the washing machine.

Soak can be used for everything from your sportswear, woollens, lingerie even your makeup brushes.  It’s the perfect travel companion whether washing your ski soaks or bikini.

Available in these fragrances:
Aquae – sea air, crisp fresh, think white cotton sheets
Lacey – modern, spring blossom and bergamot
Celebration – sweet, fruity and intoxicating
Fig – ripe sweet fig and lychee
Yuzu – full of tart citrus and crushed eucalyptus
Scentless – speaks for itself

Soak is really economical, don’t be put off by the price, one bottle lasts for many washes; for example the 375ml bottle will provide 75+ washes.

Soak Wash is available in two sizes 90ml travel size and 375ml full size.  Having bought the travel size I realised it was such better value to buy the full size and fill a Muji pump bottle for travelling!

Soak Wash 90ml £9.75 375ml £16.75 available from Amazon