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The Radio Frequency device to lift, firm, and tighten ageing skin at home

During the summer I was asked by Sensica UK to host a breakfast for a few of my favourite people to introduce and demonstrate the Sensilift lifting device. I hadn’t come across the brand before, so I welcomed the chance to learn more about it and was quite amazed at the results – even instantly!

The Sensica Sensilift is targeted at women, just like us, who are noticing lines, wrinkles and a definite lack of firmness and plumpness to the skin. This sagging that we are starting to notice is largely due to the lack of collagen – which we know decreases as we age. Sensilft promises to re-stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and therefore start to tighten everything up again. I know I’m in!

Watch our video where Genevieve Nikolopulos and Tracey McAlpine demonstrate the Sensilift

What is the Sensica Sensilift Skin Tightening System?

Sensilift works using patented Radio Frequency technology called DFR, Dynamic Radio Frequency combined with massage to produce a transmission, apparently unique, which can actually reach the deeper inner layers of the skin. The process has the effect of stimulating the production of collagen and improving elasticity, therefore tightening and lifting. Along with the stimulation of collagen production, this also promises to stimulate blood circulation and the renewal of elastin fibres all contributing to the skin rejuvenation we are looking for. The immediate effect is a slight plumping and rosy glow – due to the heat of the device, but over time this promises to give more lasting results.

The Sensilift takes only 5 minutes to treat each area once a week

It’s actually really pleasant to use. To treat each ‘area’ takes 5 minutes. I do it while watching TV at night and set the timer on my phone. The facial areas are split into cheeks/cheekbones, forehead, upper lip and jaw. The energy is transmitted through electrodes on the massaging treatment ‘fingers’ allowing a great depth of reach into the skin. The transmission is warm, but the device has an automatic sensor so that it can measure the heat of your skin and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also will not work unless both electrodes are touching the skin. The device should be used on clean skin with the addition of the base gel which comes with the device.

Sensica recommends this treatment once a week for 8 weeks for noticeable results and then you can create your own ‘maintenance’ top-up.

I’m on week two….so watch this space…. ‘fighting fifty’ what fifty!

Genevieve x

The Sensilift devices were supplied by Sensica as press samples for trial and review.

Sensica Sensilift skin tightening device and consuctive gel

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