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Root Vanish the fast effective way to cover grey roots between hair colour appointments

When it comes to ageing I’m quite relaxed.  A few lines don’t phase me and I’m working hard at keeping my ever changing body shape under control, age is just a number right?  And you are only as old as feel, or so the saying goes, and at most times I don’t feel particularly conscious of my age, that is until my hair colour grows out and I’m faced with grey roots.

My monthly appointments are now three weekly and if the truth were told, and time and cost were not a consideration, I would like to have my hair coloured every fortnight.  I have no issue with grey hair, it looks gorgeous on many women, take a look at Denise O’Neill, she looks radiant.  But it doesn’t look good on me and besides I am just not ready to give in and go grey.

Fighting Fifty review Root Vanish on YouTube


You may remember we received a press sample of Root Vanish by Kazumi and it arrived in Black so Nikki got to test it and spoke about it in our February Beauty Product roundup video.  It takes a lot to impress Nikki so I knew that Root Vanish would be staying in her kit and of course curiosity got the better of me and I ordered one from Cult Beauty.  At the time I was dragging out my appointments before going on holiday and in a conversation with the lovely PR team who look after Root Vanish, I mentioned that I had ordered a Colouring Brush and it hadn’t arrived.  The following day a parcel arrived with their compliments and the fun began!

Who is Kazumi?

Kazumi Morton, is a celebrity colourist based in Beverly Hills, she was named the “Brunette Master” by Allure magazine, and is known for blending colour to compliment hair movement and texture.  Root Vanish was developed with the Japanese hair care company Kiwabi to effectively cover her client’s grey roots between hair appointments.

Root Vanish the non-permanent answer to grey regrowth

The non-permanent gel based formula is quite different to the powders I had been using in the past, these tend to make the hair look matt and have a tendency to come off on your fingers throughout the day.  Anyone who has seen our videos will know I have an awful habit of touching my hair.  The Root Vanish formulation contains 22 Asian botanical extracts that will strengthen and treat hair as well as doing a damn good job at covering the grey.

How do you apply Root Vanish?

Application is simplicity itself, just remove the cap and push the button on the end of the tube.  I like to lightly wipe the brush on a piece of tissue before applying to the roots to ensure an even spread of the gel.  Work the gel along each side of your parting and along the hairline for a fast drying natural finish.  I run a cotton bud along my parting to collect any excess from my scalp; I think it just looks more natural.  You can apply Root Vanish to either wet or dry hair and blow dry it for a faster drying time or leave it to naturally air dry.  Simply brush or comb your hair after the gel is dry for a natural even colour and far less obvious roots.

Root Vanish covering grey roots

Three stages of root cover-up with Root Vanish

It’s quite tricky taking photographs of your own hair!  The first image is without Root Vanish, the second is while my hair is still wet, and the third, is with dry hair.

Known as the Hair Manicure, Root Vanish won’t dry out hair or change your existing shade, it just seamlessly blends, hydrates and nourishes, leaving no residue and most importantly doesn’t come off on your hands.

Although my order from Cult Beauty arrived a couple of days later I am still yet to use up all the press sample, so far I must have had at least 8-10 touch-ups and the tube is still dispensing product.  So, although on the surface this seems quite an expensive product, it does work out to be good value for money and the boost to your self-esteem is priceless.

Root Vanish Colouring Brushes 20g £30.00 are available in 5 colours: Black, Cooper, Blonde, Dark Brown and Light Brown available from Boots and Amazon