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International Makeup Artist Nadira V Persaud launches comprehensive guide to facial exercise

We all know the benefits of working out, training our muscles for a fitter, stronger body but, what about our faces? Do you ever workout your face? There are lots of benefits; firmer muscles, toned and defined contours, better blood flow and generally healthier skin, but where to start.

I’ve read about many different facial exercises; face yoga, face Pilates, face gym, and of course, the lovely Eva Fraser who has been teaching facial exercise for years and looks wonderful in her 80s. There’s nothing new about working out your face, it’s been around for decades, but what is new, is a simplified manual for beginners.

International Makeup Artist, Nadira V Persaud, has been working out her facial muscles for as long as she can remember. While I was gazing at boys and Jackie Magazine at school, Nadira was exercising her face. This explains why her skin looks fresh, clear and so well-toned years later. Nadira says, it’s a habit that we need to get into and can easily incorporate into our daily skincare routine.

What are the benefits of a face workout?

By exercising your face, you are reviving your skin, helping to improve circulation. Adding definition and tone. Lifting and sculpting and softening fine lines. A face workout can even help reduce breakouts. Not only will your face benefit, if you follow the focused breathing exercises, you can also relieve stress and tension and feel more energized. There really is nothing to lose.

Nadira V Persaud explains more about Press Here! Facial Workouts For Beginners in our video below

The beginners guide to facial massage

Press Here! Face Workouts For Beginners: Pressure Techniques to Tone and Define Naturally, takes you right from the start, explaining how Nadira grew up learning how to care for herself from a young age, to her experience as a makeup artist. Using these tried and test techniques on her celebrity clients. Nadira’s method of enhancing natural beauty is a simple one that we can all use at any time and literally anywhere, we already have the tools to massage and workout our faces.

The book features a series of workouts that when performed regularly, in the order suggested, will help your face to age well. Using a number of different techniques including massage, sweeping and pressing and holding various points on the face, you can release tension, promote blood flow, disperse fluid while toning and improving facial structure and skin quality.

It takes a bit of getting used to, my face definitely ached when I followed the exercises, but within a short time, you can see an improvement in definition and a healthier glow to the skin. I just need to be more disciplined and follow the exercises regularly. Nadira recommends, ideally, every day, but alternate days will still give good results.

There’s a workout to suit everyone, even if you are time poor

Press Here! Face Workouts For Beginners book front cover displayed with oils and flowers

Whether you use the routine in the morning or during the day, there is a workout suitable for you. Warm Up and Wake Up is best performed first thing as an awakening routine. You can target certain areas by following the exercises and there are even express workouts for those of us who are time poor. These work especially well if you need to get the glow or destress quickly.

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Beautifully illustrated, Press Here! Face Workouts For Beginners is easy to follow and before you know it, you’ll be pulling faces and working out your facial muscles at every opportunity!

Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners book on facial massage with the exercises displayed

Press Here! Face Workouts For Beginners* published by Quarto Publishing and Fair Winds, is available from Amazon and all leading bookstores £11.99

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