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FDA approved radio frequency treatment for younger, firmer looking healthy skin

I’m so over the whole anti-ageing message aren’t you?  You don’t get to 56 without knowing that you can’t anti-age, you can’t go backwards and personally I don’t want to.  But I do still want to look healthy, alive and doing ok for my age.  I work hard to keep my skin looking good but there’s only so much that topical skincare products can do, quite frankly they just can’t get deep enough to completely rejuvenate skin.

It all comes down to our collagen and elastin, which peaks at 20 and then starts to decline at a rate of one percent per year.  You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that by the time you hit your late fifties there’s not going to be much left.

It’s collagen, the sticky glue like protein which is made by skin cells called fibroblasts, that hold your skin together, a bit like scaffolding for the face.  When this starts to decline our skin sags, loses elasticity and radiance and we start to look older.  If you’ve been a smoker or regularly sunbathed this might have already started to happen.

What we need is a way to stimulate the fibroblasts to create more collagen.  This will help to plump the skin, making it firmer and smoother and in turn keep us looking healthy and younger, or at least good for our age.

There are a number of treatments offered by aesthetic doctors to stimulate collagen and firm and tighten the skin but they are expensive and time consuming.  Personally I don’t want to have injections of any type to improve my skin, I’ve never had Botox or fillers, and I like to be in control of my skin’s treatment.  I’m completely drawn to home use devices for this reason.  I like being able to carry out a treatment when and where it suits.

I was invited to trial the NEWA, a hand held device to use at home which will stimulate the fibroblasts to create more collagen by gently heating the lower layers of the skin by radio frequency.  The NEWA uses FDA approved 3DEEP technology to heat the dermis, the middle layer of your skin, which causes the collagen fibres to contract.  This in turn causes a contraction in the underlying tissue, the hypodermis, and pulls the surface skin tighter.  The overall effect is to lift the skin making it appear smoother, firmer and more toned.

Watch my video where I tell you more about using the NEWA to rejuvenate skin

I have tried to answer most of the questions you might have but if I’ve missed any just drop them in the comment box below.

What was my skin like before I started the NEWA trial?

I’m 56 and I’ve never smoked, sunbathed or used sunbeds.  I haven’t had any invasive treatments, dermal fillers or Botox.  I have used a home use fractional laser all over my face but not for over a year.  I have used a fractional laser around my eyes.  I regularly use acids and retinol but only over the counter products never on prescription.  During the trial I didn’t change my normal skincare routine other than to use the SkinCeuticals masque as mentioned below.

What was my skin like during the NEWA trial?

I’ve now used the NEWA for the past four weeks and I have to say I’m impressed.  I can’t say I look years younger but my skin does seem to fit my face a little better.  The changes are subtle because I think I started from quite a good point, my skin wasn’t actually saggy but wasn’t so well toned either.  My cheeks do look slightly plumper and my skin smooth.  The most noticeable area has been just under my chin.  I had started to notice lines appearing right under my chin and about two inches down my neck these seemed to have smoothed out and the area looks a little tighter it’s definitely less noticeable to me but not obvious on camera.

Who is NEWA it most suitable for?

Men and women aged 40-60 who do not have badly aged skin from smoking or sunbathing are most likely to see benefits from using NEWA.  Men may see better results because they have more collagen in their skin than women and their skin is also thicker.


NEWA electrodes delivering RF

NEWA’s 6 electrodes deliver radio frequency (RF) to the skin

How do you use the NEWA?

Before you start to use the NEWA, you cleanse your skin and don’t apply any skincare products and remove all jewellery, this is important because it can block the radio waves being emitted from the NEWA.  Choose the section of the face you want to treat, apply the Lift Activator Gel to the electrodes and then to treatment area, switch on and start to gently move the NEWA device over the skin in circular movements.  You continue the treatment until the unit vibrates to let you know you have finished that area.  You can watch my YouTube video showing you how to use NEWA.

How long does the NEWA treatment session take?

There are 6 facial zones that are suitable for the NEWA treatment, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, and under the jawline.  Each area should be treated for 4 minutes during each session.  You should complete each zone that you wish to treat 5 times a week for the first month and then twice a week afterwards.

What does it feel like using the NEWA?

Using the NEWA is relaxing and therapeutic; the skin feels slightly warm as you treat the area but cools as soon as you move the device away.  It’s not in any way uncomfortable.  You do need to keep the device moving at all times.

How does your skin look and feel after using the NEWA?

Your skin glows, but in the nicest possible way.  It looks slightly more plumped and feels smooth with a subtle flush.  I used SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque after treatment.  I don’t think this is essential but I wanted to test it and it took any flushing down immediately as it’s an intensive calming botanical masque.

Has NEWA been clinically tested and approved and is it safe?

NEWA is the only FDA approved home use Radio Frequency (RF) device for tightening and lifting the skin.  Endymed 3DEEP technology has been used safely in aesthetic clinics for a number of years; the NEWA has been clinically tested and approved for home use.  The NEWA is not as powerful as a radio frequency (RF) treatment carried out in a clinic by a trained and qualified aesthetic nurse or doctor.  You cannot accidently use the NEWA but it is still advised that you keep the device away from children.


NEWA device and accessories

The NEWA includes device, plug, Lift Activator Gel and soft pouch

Is NEWA cordless?

No, NEWA needs an electrical supply.

Does NEWA have an App?

Yes, it does which can map out your treatment programme; remind you when to start your session and time each zone you treat; you can even replenish your LIFT Activator Gel through the app.

Where can I buy NEWA from?

NEWA is available from *CurrentBody

How much does NEWA cost?

The NEWA comes complete with one 130ml Lift Activator Gel and currently costs £279.00 and the replacement gel costs £35.00

Editors note:

This article was written four years ago, I am now 60! I am still using the NEWA and consider it to be one of the best home-use beauty tools I have tested. It’s recommended by our Expert, Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Sophie Shotter, and offers an ideal alternative to clinic treatments.

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This article was sponsored by NEWA but the words, images and views are my own