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Brushing your teeth is pretty straightforward and isn’t exactly rocket science

However, it is pretty easy to either get the wrong technique or pick out habits that are detrimental to your oral health.  Here are a few mistakes people make when brushing.

Always starting in the same place

Many people begin brushing in the exact same place of their mouth consistently.  By starting in the same place each time, you will effectively clean one part of your mouth (the part you always start off in) more than any other part of your mouth. This is a mistake, since the toothpaste is strongest when you just start off, and your brushing techniques may naturally become lazy by the time you reach other parts of your mouth.

Not rinsing the toothbrush after brushing

Bacteria can grow on toothbrushes, particularly considering the fact that you use it to clean the bacteria off your teeth.  It is therefore essential to ensure that you rinse your toothbrush before and after brushing your teeth so that no bacteria are carried from your toothbrush onto your teeth.

Not cleaning inner tooth surfaces

The majority of people unfortunately do not brush the inner surfaces of their teeth. You should be sure to always clean the part of your teeth that your tongue always presses against.  Not doing so will lead to a build-up of plaque that will in turn lead to bad breath, gum disease and other oral hygiene problems.

Keeping the toothbrush wet

You should make sure that your toothbrush always dries after using it since toothbrushes that are always moist will cultivate more bacteria.  In fact, not only are toothbrushes that are perpetually moist breeding grounds for bacteria, but bristles that remain soppy can end up being misshaped – which you do not want happening.

Not changing brush every three to four months

Your toothbrush should be changed at least every three to four months.  If bristles look frayed, it should be changed sooner.  Constantly have visual inspections of the bristles and if they begin to break apart or lose their normal flexibility then your toothbrush will need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, many people do not regularly change their toothbrush, only doing so after they’ve left it way too long. 

Incorrectly brushing

Of course, a major brushing mistake is not getting the technique right.  You should look up online tutorials on YouTube or websites such as that of the NHS and to ensure that you learn what the correct motions and techniques are.  Strokes should be vertical or circular, rather than horizontal, while you should brush both the inner and outer tooth surfaces.  It is also important to softly brush up and down your teeth.  It is also important to aim your bristles at a 45-degree angle at the gum line and perform short vibrations or strokes as your motions.  It is also essential that you do not brush any longer or shorter than two to three minutes, two to three times a day.   Essentially, the biggest mistake people make when it comes to their oral hygiene is not taking it seriously enough.  Brushing is seen as more of a chore than a necessity and as a result, many of us vigorously rush through the brushing process and as a result, fail to clean their teeth properly and adequately.

The most important thing when it comes to oral hygiene is having the correct mentality needed to be determined enough to maintain good oral hygiene standards.  After all, it is essentially the case that those who want to look after their teeth will make sure that they do so.

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