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The holistic way to smoother younger looking rejuvenated skin

Gone are the days when good skin came to me naturally or without effort.  I find with the increasing years I now have to up my game in the pursuit of soft smooth and toned skin.  I’ve chosen hardworking ingredients in my skincare including glycolic acid and retinol, in an attempt to increase cell turnover and keep wrinkles at bay.  I’ve tried home laser treatments and electrical beauty gadgets to cleanse and smooth but I haven’t committed to anything more invasive.

I have no desire to go down the Botox route as I can’t imagine injecting anything into my face just for the purpose of eliminating lines or wrinkles.  Aren’t they a part of what gives my face character?  You don’t get to nearly 55 without a few battle scars.  But the problem is I’m still a teeny bit vain; I do want to look good and healthy, like I still have a few good years left in me.  So, what to try next that isn’t invasive but still gives a noticeable result?
In the past I haven’t tried many salon procedures, mainly because I have this notion that if I can do something myself then why pay someone else to do it.  Up until now this has been fine as far as my face is concerned, I won’t mention my over-run garden or the dirty windows, but it’s now time to call in the experts and see if anything can be done to revitalise ageing skin.

Knowing who to trust to look after something as delicate and as visible as your face is not easy.  Marie Reynolds is known for her holistic approach to skincare and ageing, so when she invited me to experience the Master Lift I knew I would be in excellent hands.

With clear blue eyes and flawless skin, Marie Reynolds is without a doubt a woman who practices what she preaches.  As a holistic therapist, treating the body as well as the face, Marie concentrates on inner harmony, ensuring that what you put inside your body is reflected on the outside.  The Master Lift is a treatment programme created by Marie to soften fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and regenerate the skin, stimulating fibroblasts and the collagen matrix.

Stepping into Marie’s treatment room in central London is like escaping from all the mayhem around you.  The room is softly lit with her signature candles and you instantly feel at ease while she tells you about the procedure.  The Master Lift is a treatment, although it’s relaxing, let’s face it having the opportunity to lie down during the day is a bonus, it shouldn’t be confused with a pampering session.  You don’t need to undress, just hop onto the treatment bed, your hair is taken off your face and a towel protects your clothes and you’re ready.

After swiftly and efficiently removing my makeup, Marie prepared my skin to remove any surface debris.  Then using 0.5 digital microneedling she created a tiny amount of trauma to my skin aiding the transdermal absorption of hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells.  The microneedling targeted areas of concern including my lips.  This process is completely painless and over very quickly but it’s a great way to kick start skin into behaving better.  It’s this action that prompts the skin to produce more collagen, the scaffolding that’s holding our face together.

Marie then layers on a unique blend of peptides, enzymes and lightening ingredients created to refine and rejuvenate skin.  This is a secret blend created by Marie for ageing skin, it’s what sets her aside from other therapists, and she will tailor the ingredients to exactly what your skin needs and lacks.

Finally a collagen and apple stem cell mask was applied and the ingredients gently massaged into my face with a jade roller.  With sun protection applied I was ready to see the results just 30 minutes after Marie had started.

My skin had taken on a completely different appearance, hard to distinguish in the photographs, but it looked clear, plump and refreshed.  Lines looked softened and most noticeable was the difference to my lips, they were smooth, line free, plumped, and with a more distinguished line around them, much as they were when I was younger.

Take a look at some of Marie’s clients who have experienced the Master Lift, the results speak for themselves.


Marie Reynolds Master Lift

Marie Reynolds Master Lift

For a non-invasive treatment that can be carried out in your lunch hour, the Master Lift gives excellent immediate and long term benefits.  My skin continued to improve over the following days, the tone was noticeably better and it felt firmer, makeup looked fresher due to the smoother skin texture and I generally looked well, a much better version of myself.

The Master Lift can be used as a one off treatment, especially for special occasions when you need to look your best.  It’s recommended that you have this treatment 48 hours beforehand so you get the best results and it will cost £220.  If you are about to be a bride or mother of the bride, invest in this treatment you won’t regret it and those photographs will show you glowing and looking at your best.

If you either haven’t looked after your skin well in the past or have specific damage that you want to address, a course of six treatments are recommended, one every two weeks.

Marie is so receptive to others needs, she immediately picked up some redness around my nose and recommended that I included beetroot in my daily smoothie and included mineral drops and an anti-oxidant into my supplement routine. I quickly saw an improvement when I included these supplements. 

Marie Reynolds doesn’t only treat your skin, she treats the whole person.  Not only will you leave with younger looking, firmer more refined skin without any Botox, you will also leave having learnt something about yourself and how to improve it.  It’s as if Marie can see inside you and just instinctively knows what’s wrong.  Surely this is the true meaning of a holistic therapist.

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