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The three-piece skincare collection that gives you dewy looking hydrated skin!

If you are a regular reader of the women’s glossies you may already be familiar with Marie Reynolds.  She’s one of the Beauty Editor’s favourite facialists and known for her holistic approach to health and wellness.  Marie fully understands skin both aesthetically and physically, and through her in depth study of Noetic Science she intuitively knows what’s compromising it.

Having experienced a Master Lift Facial with Marie, I know first hand how powerful her treatments are. I was excited to hear she had launched her own skincare products and even more excited to try them.

The Epidermal Barrier

The epidermis is the outer layer of skin and within it lies the epidermal barrier, nestling in the most superficial layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.  The epidermal barrier has an important role to play by preventing water loss and preserving hydration, protecting against sun damage, and acting as an antimicrobial shield.

The epidermal barrier is constantly changing due to environmental and physiological factors, as well as the effects of ageing.  Stress and raised cortisol levels along with drinking and smoking, can also disrupt the barrier function. 

The Epidermal Blanket

Protecting and repairing the epidermal barrier and its natural moisturising factor (NMF), becomes even more important as we age.  Marie Reynolds has created the Epidermal Blanket to do exactly that.  Consisting of two highly effective skincare products, the Epidermal Blanket immediately starts to correct damage your skin has suffered over the years.  Marie explains that, “Each organ, system and cell in the body has its own frequency – even our thoughts.  In fact, everything has a vibration.  Human beings resonate at 528 MHz.” 

The two products within the Epidermal Blanket, Elixir™ and Reson8™ have been formulated with ingredients to work in harmony with our own vibrations.  Marie explains, “Essential oils lower in MHz can help to benefit physical conditions and pathogens, whereas essential oils with a higher MHz benefit the mental and emotional ones.”


Marie Reynolds Epidermal Blanket

Elixir – Stage 1

Deeply hydrating, Elixir has a blend of apricot and marula oil, which has four times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges, omega 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E.  Although it’s an oil, Elixir slips straight into the skin making it immediately feel softer and smoother.  Frankincense, rose and neroli gives the oil a light and delicate fragrance and if you stop to inhale before applying to your skin, it lifts your spirits.

Reson8 – Stage 2

Once you have applied the Elixir, skin is ready for stage 2, Reson8.  A serum formulated to calm and stabilise, with a complex of ingredients including arnica, rosehip, argan oil, jojoba oil, passion fruit oil, evening primrose oil, green tea extract, melon extract, gotu kola extract, aloe vera and marine collagen. 

Marie explains, “Ingredients in both elixirs were specifically chosen both for optimum hydration and nourishment and also their ability to ‘tune in’ to the human frequency.  A gentle blend of three specific essential oils were chosen to tune in to mind, body and spirit.  Rose in particular has the highest energy resonance, closest to human MHz.  Along with rose, frankincense and neroli were added to the blend, which raise the vibration for optimum benefits.”

The Epidermal Blanket combined with a copper skin wand

Both products in The Epidermal Blanket are available alone or with a copper or quartz skin wand.  The benefit of the copper wand when used in conjunction with Elixir and Reson8, is that it increases the frequency in the skin, and skin cells to aid greater absorption and efficacy.  Copper amplifies cellular energy and repairs cellular damage.  Copper is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and can help lift and tone the skin softening fine lines.

What is it like to use the Epidermal Blanket

I’m almost 58 and have taken pretty good care of my skin but there is no question it is starting to show signs of ageing.  One of my toughest battles is to keep my skin well hydrated with that dewy look only younger skin has.  The Epidermal Blanket really does keep skin hydrated and glowing.  The Elixir is soft and gentle, what I love most is that it slips into the skin, there is no greasy residue.  I adore the fragrance, especially as rose, frankincense and neroli suit my skin beautifully.  Reson8 is a light delicately fragranced serum that works to trap moisture into the skin.  It has a cooling effect when applied and sits well under makeup.

I found the copper wand tricky to get on with at first and didn’t really know how long to use it for.  Marie suggested using the wand for up to five minutes.  Stroking each side of the face 4-5 times working from chin to forehead.  It was relaxing once I had mastered the technique and I’ve found a couple of strokes over the face helps settle the products into the skin.  Be warned it’s quite addictive and I imagine it’s wonderful chilled in the summer.

The results of using the Epidermal Blanket

After using the two products in the Epidermal Blanket, Elixir and Reson8, along with the copper wand for four weeks I saw a noticeable increase in my skin’s hydration.  Basically, it looked more moisturised, soft and a little plumper.  I gave it quite a tough test as I was running through some of the coldest weather this year and it did take its toll on my skin.  The Epidermal Blanket saved it from drying out, especially as I’ve had the central heating turned up high as well.  It’s hard to explain, but my skin looked a better version of itself, and it did have that dewy look that younger skin has.  This is something I have been trying to achieve for a long time.

Both products in The Epidermal Blanket can be bought and used alone, with other products you already have, and with or without the copper wand.  For the best results, use all three together for glowing, well hydrated skin.  Your skin will feel like it’s been wrapped in a silk Epidermal Blanket.

Prices from £45.99 for the individual products, £160.00 for The Epidermal Blanket with Copper wand

The Epidermal Blanket is available from Marie Reynolds London online and Fortnum & Mason in store. 

These products were press samples – with thanks to Marie Reynolds for providing them