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The facial that intuitively works on your mind, body and soul

I have a theory about facialists, they’re like mechanics.  Some just follow protocol and carry out a treatment to the letter, much as a fitter replaces parts to a car.  Holistic therapists go deeper, they understand how the skin functions, how each part of the face is assembled, how each area and layer interact with each other and how to get them functioning correctly.  Skilled mechanics know how any why engines work, and they can rebuild them, so they work in harmony.  Holistic therapists are the same. 

Maybe not the best analogy but knowing how and why something works is a great starting point.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet some exceptionally gifted facialists including Vaishaly, Bharti Vyas and Marie Reynolds.  They all have a deep understanding of how our faces can be gently manipulated by touch alone, to improve both texture and tone.

I’m now going to add Ez Dyer onto my list of exceptional facialists


Ez Dyer Holistic Therapist Marie Reynolds London

The beautiful Ez Dyer Holistic Therapist – Marie Reynolds London

In my view, an exceptional therapist is intuitive, they can read the signs not only in your face but in your manner, they can pick up where your body has stagnation, where you carry stress and tension, and with the power of touch, they can unblock channels and create flow.  This in turn illuminates the face bringing back radiance and at the same time reduces tension creating a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Having experienced a facial with Marie Reynolds, I had felt there was no one quite like her.  I was wrong.  Ez Dyer who was already an experienced therapist and makeup artist, has been trained by Marie, and has the same gift for reading your skin through her fingers.  I recently went to meet Ez at Fortnum & Mason in the heart of Piccadilly, London.

If you haven’t been to Fortnum and Mason, I urge you to do so, it’s a wonderful experience.  Leave behind the food, exquisite chocolates and biscuits and climb to the second floor.  You’ll be offered a seat under the ostrich feathers and a glass of champagne.  Hard to resist but I did, it was a treat enough to be able to lay down in the middle of the day.  Once I had been met by Ez, we went through the consent form, making sure that she knew of any medical conditions I might have.

Once settled on the treatment bed, Ez set to work cleansing my face with the recently launched Marie Reynolds skincare. The following treatment was specific to me, so I won’t take you through the exact protocol as it changes with each client.  The treatment is tailored to suit your skin and its current condition.  For me, Ez spent a long time concentrating on my neck, working on lymphatic drainage and helping to release tension held in my neck, shoulders and head.  It was blissful, you could feel the tension slipping away and your skin responding, feeling firmer and plumper.


Application of the Restore Mask during the Holistic Facial Marie Reynolds

The Marie Reynolds Restore Mask being applied as an exfoliator during the Marie Reynolds Holistic Facial

After a long massage session and the highly acclaimed MRL Restore, a skin food mask created to nourish and protect the skin at epidermal levels, my skin looked completely revitalised.  It appeared lifted, more toned, clear and fresh.  The darkness under my eyes had reduced and the lines around them looked much softer.  I felt completely relaxed and reluctant to head straight out into the hustle and bustle of London life.

The Marie Reynolds holistic facial with Ez Dyer is more than skin deep, it works on your mind, body and soul.  It lifts you up and restores the body to perform at it’s best.  My skin continued to improve the following day, I woke up looking more refreshed than I normally do.  My skin tone was even and my eyes bright.  It’s hard to imagine that one hour’s treatment can have such a profound effect on your body, but it does, and it’s well worth every penny.

Marie Reynolds Holistic Signature Facial with Ez Dyer at Fortnum & Mason costs £120 for 75 minutes (including consultation)

For more information visit Marie Reynolds London

With thanks to Ez Dyer and Marie Reynolds for the Holistic Signature Facial