Author: Lorraine Winslade Category: Lifestyle, Inspirational Women

The ‘real’ me is, I suspect just like the real you, and in fact most women

Full of dreams, hopes and aspirations whilst daily dealing with the reality of the life I am dealt.

Maybe I am of a more optimistic bent than others, having spent a safe and warm childhood in the loving bosom of an Irish/Italian working class family, where as a daughter of a certain generation I was instilled with a sense of duty to always face my responsibilities and whatever life threw at me.  And of course life has thrown more than its fair share of challenges my way.

As well as nurturing from childhood aspirations of a career in teaching, my main desire was to be a good mother to at least four children.  There have been many hurdles and challenges that have tried to disrupt both my family and career aspirations.  But when there is something you want almost as much as ‘life‘ then I have found there is truly nothing that can really get in your way.  It’s a bit like the instinct to protect your child against anything that might threaten it – you just know you can.

My desire to teach was always going to take priority over any other career option.  Being steered into training in beauty therapy and hairdressing by a careers advisor – after a bout of pneumonia and missing a chunk of sixth form – couldn’t deter me; I was always getting caught teaching my fellow students during lunchtime breaks – from my earliest days in primary school through to college.  This was noticed at college and I was given my first part time teaching post whilst still a student, teaching ‘good grooming’ evening classes in Haringey.

After qualifying I went on to gain experience in the beauty industry working in Selfridges Hairdressing & Beauty Salons; but I very soon managed to secure my first lecturing position in further education.  My passion for education and training drew me to use every opportunity to have an influence in the quality standards in training – working with examining boards and professional bodies as well as with my beloved students.  I trained and qualified as a teacher as soon as possible whilst teaching.

Babies started arriving in my life in 1980 and I diverted my career passion into my family for the next eight years until all four of my precious children were school age.  At that point I decided that I could resume my teaching during the children’s school hours – juggling both family and work so that nothing got anything other than my full attention.  Long days, busy, busy life and little sleep – oh the energy levels of youth.

Excelling in my teaching career – achieving the highest national grading for my training standards, lecturing and judging internationally, advising the government and professional associations on training standards – has only ever been surpassed by the development and love of my children.  I felt happy and contented in my role as Head of Beauty, Sports and Holistic therapies and saw no need for any further fulfilment.

Then life jumps in and messes with the plan – a request to assist a company I have known for many years, by presenting their products on QVC; and I take my first step away from education in over 30 years.  Six years later I am enthralled by shopping television and the power of educating the consumer and then selling to the biggest audience I could have ever imagined.  Handling every aspect of the brand from product development and working with exciting chemists to packaging and logistics; a huge challenge and a complete change of career direction in my 50’s; and all totally unplanned.  Sales achievement was beyond anyone’s expectations – most especially my own.

Then when I least expected it yet another and probably the biggest change and challenge of my life – the opportunity to develop my own skincare line – taking my experience and passion to as many as would like to hear and try what I have to offer.  Love Your Skin – London was born in 2011 after an intense year of product and brand development.  Here at last was my career opportunity to deliver to the consumer my take on what skincare should be.  The brand is unique in that it is a totally new approach to products for quality skincare.  A long list of USP’s that embrace every aspect of my experience and expertise from over 40 years working in skincare and with endless products that did not deliver what I was looking for.  Love Your Skin is so named because I want the consumer to be delivering quality appropriate skincare to their skin every day – loving their skin as I do when I give them professional treatment.  Fewer, better quality products, British made, with a small carbon footprint.

My children have helped and supported me every step of the way like a parent with a child – but the other way around now!  Entering my 60’s and starting on yet another career path is astonishing to me but just as exciting as my first job. 

Even better is the feeling that I am creating a legacy of business and education for my beautiful family and their future.


Love Your Skin – London