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A luxury compact shampoo bar that’s kind to the skin and the environment

While judging the Beauty Shortlist Awards earlier in the year, I tested many shampoo bars. They have become popular recently and as most have natural and organic ingredients, they are kind to the hair as well as the environment.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed using them and found them a godsend while travelling.

I was hoping that a luxury haircare brand would bring out a reasonably priced shampoo bar packed with lovely ingredients. And here it is, LØRE Originals The Bar. A complete cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment bar for the skin and hair.

Luxury shampoo in a bar

The first thing that strikes you about this round, white, solid pebble, is the smell. Oh goodness, I love it. I’ve even had the box open on my desk so I can smell it. The delicious ingredients, honestly – they are good enough to eat – include almond oil, organic sea salt, avocado oil, green tea extract and prickly pear. The Bar is suitable for all hair and skin types and is packed with plant based fatty acids, antioxidants, macro nutrients and moisturisers.

The Bar isn’t actually soap. It’s acidic the same as our hair and skin, whereas soap is alkaline and can roughen up the hair cuticle and can also be drying on the skin. While The Bar gently cleanses, it also nourishes the skin, scalp, and hair. In fact, it can even help promote cell renewal encouraging healthy hair growth.

Luxury shampoo bar from LORE on white pebbles with the box and flowers

How to use a shampoo bar

Shampoo bars take a little getting used to at first. I tend to create a lather in my hands and then transfer this to my hair. It’s the same as many natural shampoos that do not contain foaming agents. You need to activate a lather before applying to your hair. You can of course gently rub the bar through your hair to create the lather. Then use as you would any shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Remember to allow The Bar to dry fully as this extends its life and ensures the natural oils remain effective right until the end.

The Bar can be used on all the family and makes travelling with hand luggage simple. No spillages and liquid restrictions.

Good for the environment

LØRE The Bar is packed with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and hair and also to the environment. It’s 100% vegan and comes in a recyclable box.

I have loved using this simple yet highly effective shampoo bar and know it’s going to be in my wash bag for a long time to come.

LØRE The Bar 50g £15.00 available from LØRE

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