Author: Nikki Taylor & Tracey McAlpine Category: Beauty, Hair

If you want more good hair days try this revolutionary product range

Nikki Taylor says

Having used this haircare brand for the last few months with great success I am super thrilled to see it is now available in Marks & Spencer Beauty.

I have to confess I am a bit of a hair care obsessive but cannot recall what drove me to try this brand.  I hadn’t read reviews and a lot of the articles focussed on the fact the brand has Jennifer Anniston as one of its partners – the ‘Rachel’ never appealed to me so it certainly wasn’t that either.  Anyway I am super glad I did give it a go.

The two products I chose were the shampoo and conditioner in the No Frizz category as I like my hair sleek and shiny and have found as I am getting older the texture of my hair is becoming coarser.  After the first use my hair was so glossy and smooth but the biggest difference I have noticed is it can easily go the extra day before I wash it.  It feels in great condition and light in weight.

Several months down the line the results are still as good.  The products contain a patented moisture controlling molecule that doesn’t weigh the hair down – this has always been my issue with many silicone based no frizz products.  The brand claims this molecule blocks humidity 70% better than silicones and oils.  I believe the fact that this range leaves out the silicones is why my results have continued and my hair hasn’t become overloaded.

Another reason this is now my regular haircare duo is that it has been very kind to my scalp.  I have for many years suffered with sensitivity on my scalp and I often can tell straight away on shampooing my hair if a product is going to agree with me or send my scalp into an irritated red frenzy.

Although this brand is a considered purchase I have found it to be very economical to use.

Tracey McAlpine says

I have Nikki to thank for introducing me to Living Proof; first of all we purchased trial sizes of both the No Frizz and the Restore shampoo and conditioner so we could both try each range.  I was convinced that I would prefer the No Frizz collection as my hair is prone to frizz the minute it detects moisture.  Surprisingly I wasn’t that excited about the No Frizz products but absolutely love the Restore collection. 

As Nikki has mentioned about her hair, mine remains looking shiny, with good volume and bounce for at least a day longer than with other products.  Styling is easier after use, with less fly-away hair and shorter drying time, curls also stay in longer as the products don’t weigh down the hair.  The silicone and oil free solution, combined with the patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) creates a microfine Restorative Shield that helps damaged cuticles act like new while restoring moisture levels.  It’s this shield that helps to repel dirt and oil so you shampoo and style less often, which means you are less likely to damage your hair in the future.

The Restore collection is described as damage reversing strand healing and will transform hair to look and behave as if it was never damaged before.  I really don’t think my hair was badly damaged before using Living Proof, but it is coloured every three weeks and normally blow dried every other day.  Since using Living Proof my hair does look healthier and in better condition but, best of all it behaves as I want it to, and gives me far more good hair days than bad, this in itself is worth the cost!

Living Proof available now from M&S Beauty online and in store from £18.00