Author: Tracey McAlpine Category: Beauty, Skincare, Treatments

We review the perfect non-invasive treatment for revitalising ageing skin

I recently had a facial with leading skincare expert Abigail James at the Richmond branch of EF Medispa.  The facial is aptly named the Lift & Glow and completely lives up to its name.  It’s designed to target dull, lack lustre complexions in need of a boost.  It rebalances the skin and helps to improve firmness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Abigail James Skincare Expert carrying out the Lift and Glow Facial at EF Medispa

Abigail has put together the protocol for this facial using her hero techniques and EF Medispa’s innovative equipment.  If you haven’t checked out the chain of Medispa’s, it’s time to take a look and see the array of non-invasive treatments they offer to get your skin up and glowing again.

The Lift & Glow facial combines a gentle skin peel and restorative mask as well as Radiofrequency or LED to boost all round skin health.  My facial started with Radiofrequency which I hadn’t experienced in a salon before but had carried out on myself at home.  The experience was very similar, but my skin felt slightly warmer and was a little more tender in some places, like the forehead.  This of course might have been due to a trial I as carrying out at the time for a home use laser. 


Lift & Glow facial with Abigail James at EF Medispa


After the peel and mask, my skin looked completely refreshed and it certainly was glowing.  The Lift & Glow facial helps to lift and sculpt the skin.  The treatment will also help boost collagen production as well as leaving the skin smooth, with restored hydration and oxygenation.

There is no downtime and I didn’t have any visible signs of the treatment afterwards.  It’s incredibly relaxing, even the Radiofrequency, which feels like sunbathing – safely!

The Lift & Glow facial takes 75 minutes and EF Medispa recommend a course of 4-6 to really see a noticeable lift and sculpt.  The facial should be carried out every 2-4 weeks.  It’s the absolute perfect pick-up for ageing skin and especially if like me, you don’t want any invasive treatments but do want your skin to look healthy. 

The Lift & Glow facial is exclusive to EF Medispa Richmond and costs £280 with Abigail James and £215 with an EF Medispa expert therapist.  For more details visit EF Medispa

With thanks to Abigail James and EF Medispa for this treatment