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Beauty Expert Nikki Taylor carries out a three month trial

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Although I always use a wide variety of skincare and layer different textures every day, I have also since my mid 20s taken some form of supplement to support my skin health.

Imedeen is not new to me and I have taken it for several years in the past.

This time round I have just completed a three month course of Time Perfection which is aimed at the 40+ age group.  I would always recommend that you complete at least a three month course and if possible, continue after to see maximum benefit .

So, I started my course at the end of October.  We had a wonderful summer here and also the great weather continued late into the year.  Although I no longer sunbathe as such, I am out and about daily, and the environment certainly takes its toll.  Also, as a side note during my three month trial, I went six weeks with no heating or hot water at home – thanks to a very old boiler! During this time my skin was not a happy bunny!

Imedeen Time Perfection 40+ product trial 

So, what results did I see?

The first benefits I saw in month one were more on the skin on my body rather than face.  I admit I am not so religious in using body lotions daily as I am with my facial care.  My skin on my elbows, shins and knees felt softer and not so dry.  As I progressed through the course the skin on my face felt plumper – in fact I did not start using a heavier cream this season until the last two weeks of January – normally I would up my topical hydration by end of November.

I have to say the most impressive effect I have seen with Imedeen is really how my skin heals.  Previously if I got a blemish or even a nick shaving my legs, my skin would always heal and leave a mark.  Healing from a breakout would take weeks and still leave a tell-tale sign.  Since taking Imedeen Time Perfection this healing time has improved dramatically.  I know once past the age of 40 your skin takes longer to turnover, but for me these daily tablets have taken my healing process and turned the clock back to how my skin healed in my 20s.


Imedeen Time Perfection 40+ Review - Fighting Fifty

What is Imedeen Time Perfection?

Time Perfection is a skincare supplement formulated to support a healthy diet and good skincare routine in your forties.  It’s developed with the Imedeen signature Marine Complex and LycoPhence GS Forte – a blend of tomato extract, grapeseed extract, zinc and vitamin C.  This unique combination of ingredients help to improve skin quality, balance moisture levels and reduce the signs of ageing.

The box contains 60 tablets, one month’s supply.  You take two tablets daily, preferably with a meal.

How long do you need to take Time Perfection to see results?

It’s recommended that you take Time Perfection for a minimum of 3 months for noticeable results.  Although my skin felt softer during the beginning of the trial, the most noticeable changes were seen at the end of the three month course.

Imedeen Time Renewal is available from online retailers and high street chemists.

Imedeen Time Renewal costs £43.99 from Boots who often offer 3 for 2 and have a discounted price of £149.99 for 6 months’ supply available to Advantage Card holders.


With thanks to Imedeen for supplying the supplements for this trial

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