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The skincare supplement for healthier, firmer and better hydrated skin over fifty

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I am a great believer that healthy skin begins within.  What you ingest will ultimately impact on your skin.  Both good and bad.  If you have been a habitual smoker, regularly consumed alcohol or drugs and have a poor diet, the chances are your skin will be showing signs of ageing.  If you’ve also worshipped the sun and been under long term stress, the same applies.  So, how to address the past and prevent future damage?  Supplementation can be a great complement to a good skincare routine and a healthy diet. 

For as long as I can remember, certainly since my thirties, I have taken a skin supplement, but I have never tried Imedeen.  It seems crazy when I think about it as the brand has been a firm favourite with Beauty Editors for more than two decades.

Imedeen Prime Renewal 50+ product trial

For this trial I stopped taking my other supplements two weeks beforehand, except for Magnesium, which I continued to take throughout the trial.

My skin is generally in good condition, I have never smoked, I drink alcohol in moderation and don’t sunbathe.  My diet is good, but I tend to like sugar – especially chocolate – not good for the skin.  The trial was taken during the last months of the year, October, November, December and then ending mid-January.  I was 58 at the time and loss of moisture, fine lines and skin firmness where my main concerns.

I normally take supplements in the evening as I’m always rushing out of the door in the morning and don’t eat breakfast.  I also enjoy tea and coffee in the morning, and these really shouldn’t be taken at the same time as supplements – you will just knock out any benefits!


Imedeen Prime Renewal 50+ Skincare Supplement Review

I took all four tablets at night.  Whether I would have had better results taking them separately I don’t know.  Towards the end of the first month, I noticed how soft the skin on my elbows, knees and feet were.  My nails looked strong and healthy and my hair glossy.  All signs to me of good supplementation.  My facial skin didn’t look very much different, which to me is a bonus.  In the past when I’ve stopped taking my regular supplements, my skin starts to look a little parched and lifeless. 

During the second month, I saw a slight softening of the lines around my eyes and along my forehead.  My skin looked clear and possibly slightly plumper, it’s hard to tell as I was also trialling skincare at the same time.  The density of my skin felt a little better and it did seem firmer.  It felt hydrated and although I spent a long weekend in Berlin where it was bitterly cold, my skin didn’t dry out at all.  I also noticed that my makeup lasted longer and didn’t disappear into my skin during the afternoon.  A real bonus.  My hair continued to look shinny and healthy and my nails continued to grow at a good rate.

I saw the most noticeable differences during the later part of the final month.  My skin was noticeably more hydrated, it never felt dry even during the coldest weather.  Lines looked a little less obvious, especially around my eyes and forehead.  My skin felt like it fitted better, it was more toned and firmer than it’s felt for a while.  The area under my chin where I am most concerned also felt a little less loose.

Let me explain how and why Imedeen Prime Renewal can help address the signs of ageing.


Prime Renewal 50+ Imedeen Skincare Supplement Review - Fighting Fifty

What is Imedeen Prime Renewal?

Prime Renewal is a skincare supplement formulated with a Marine Complex to deeply nourish the skin and to complement your external skincare routine.  The product is created by Pfizer and each box contains 120 tablets which is one month’s supply.  The price varies from retailer to retailer but can work out cost effective if you purchase a 6 month supply.    

The supplements are presented in individual sachets for morning and evening, which makes them ideal for travelling or popping into your bag, especially if you’re likely to forget to take them in the morning.

The dose is four tablets daily, two taken in the morning, two in the evening.  Preferably with a meal.  You can take all four tablets at the same time if you wish.

Who is Imedeen Prime Renewal formulated for?

Prime Renewal is Imedeen’s skin supplement for ages 50+.  Imedeen has a comprehensive range of supplements to support skin health from 18 years onwards.  The formulations are targeted to your skin concerns at a particular stage in your life.

What claims are made for Prime Renewal?

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Helps improve skin quality and moisture balance.  This is not an unrealistic claim by any means, and they are not suggesting miracles, but offering healthier skin – who doesn’t want that!

How long do you need to take Prime Renewal to see results?

Imedeen recommend that you take Prime Renewal for a minimum of 3 months to see noticeable results.  As you can see from my review, I saw results after the first month, but the best results were seen after three months.   

What are the ingredients in Imedeen Prime Renewal?

The Marine Complex is exclusive to Prime Renewal and is a protein and polysaccharide complex which has elements similar to those found naturally in skin.  Combined with this is a white tea extract, tomato extract, grapeseed extract and vitamins, C and E.  These vitamins help to protect cells from oxidative stress, while Vitamin C supports normal collagen formation.  Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis and helps maintain the health of the skin.  Chamomile extract is found in the evening tablets, camomile has a calming effect and may even help you sleep better at night.

This is a simple formulation that does not contain bulking agents, it does contain essential natural extracts for boosting skin health.

Imedeen Prime Renewal 50+ Supplement for Skincare In conclusion

Firstly, I am always impressed when a brand is prepared to offer a three month trial, it really does take that long to obtain a noticeable difference in the quality of the skin.  The supplements are easy to take, and I don’t believe that it was detrimental to take them all at once.  The improvements in my skin, hair and nails were seen over the three months of the trial but the most noticeable change has been in the firmness of my skin and the hydration levels.  My skin appears to retain more moisture and doesn’t dry out during the day even in the coldest weather.

I believe that Prime Renewal is good value for money.  It’s readily available from major online retailers and high street chemists.  The sachets are easily transportable, and the product remains fresh if you want to buy several months in advance.  All in all, I am very happy with this supplement and will continue to use it when I’m not trialling other products.

Imedeen Prime Renewal costs £59.99 from Boots who often offer 3 for 2 and also have a discounted price of £199.99 for 6 months’ supply available to Advantage Card holders.


With thanks to Imedeen for supplying the supplements for this trial

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