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Having things that make you accountable for your daily exercise will most definitely help

If you’ve started an exercise routine and finding it hard to stay motivated, Katie Anderson, Head of Training at FLY LDN, has some great tips to keep you on track.

Here are my 5 top tips:

Find a Personal Trainer

If you’re unsure about going to gyms, pay for an online platform or get yourself a PT via zoom or facetime. Having a PT once a week minimum will give you the confidence you need to tackle your weekly activities. Also, if you’re like me, as soon as I pay for something, I most definitely want to get my money’s worth. And if you go down the online platform route, find classes that you enjoy! If you love it, you’ll want to do it daily.

Form a group with friends

Set up a group between friends and pick what day/time works for everyone and stick to it weekly. This can be for walks, cycles, swimming in Lidos – whatever takes your fancy. Sometimes when you’re the ringleader, you feel a sense to keep everyone else motivated, which in turn means you’ll never miss a session!

Set reminders for the week

On Sunday night set reminders on your phone. For example, Monday 10am ‘Go for 30minute brisk walk’, Tuesday 6pm ‘Join virtual Yoga class’, Wednesday 9am ‘Meet Sarah in park for a 5k walk’, Etc. Having a reminder pop up on your phone, will remind you of your intentions at the start of the week, and you won’t want to let that person who set those intentions down!

Block out the days on your calendar

If you aren’t a fan of technology, me neither, I much prefer writing in my diary, then buy yourself a workout calendar to hang in your hallway or on your fridge (any calendar will do) and do the same thing every Sunday night as with setting reminders on your phone. If you want to go all out, find a nice calendar that has daily affirmations or positive writings in it. There’s a lot said about seeing your own words, and visuals, to help you stick to your intentions.

Make sure your kit is still working for you

Treat yourself to new activewear and at home equipment. It doesn’t need to be expensive and can be as little as a new pair of socks and a thigh band costing about £8 in total. Sometimes we get into a rut, we are in the same sports bra from 15 years ago, but it’s alright it’s hanging on. When you get a new one, oh my days, it’s like you’re a new woman! There is some sense to this, sometimes our old trainers or old sports bra might not be supportive enough anymore. They might make you feel sore after your walks or runs. It might just be they’ve lost their support and aren’t helping you anymore. Make sure you have supportive, good quality items to help prevent soreness and injury. And then naturally you’re going to feel motivated and lifted (no pun intended) in the long run.

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Katie Anderson is Head of Training at FLY LDN

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