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Keeping ourselves and the elderly well-nourished can be challenging, here’s how

We should all be eating a well-balanced diet, with a variety of fruit and vegetables and a little protein at each meal. When you’re fit and well it’s easy, but if you are unwell, or elderly, eating in itself, can be a challenge. Jane Clarke, BSc SRD DSc, knows this through her work as a dietician caring for clients over the past 30 years.

Jane’s belief is that every mouthful counts, and every person matters, and she is determined to revolutionise our attitudes towards how the malnourished are cared for. She has recently launched a range of Nourish drinks that have been created and inspired by her own life experiences and clinical background. The delicious, calorie-rich therapeutic drinks have been developed using organic ingredients, to offer a healthy and delicious natural alternative to meal replacements.

Nourish the nutritionally complete drinks by Jane Clarke

woman pouring Nourish by Jane Clarke to help avoid malnourishment

Jane’s recipes for the four delicious flavoured drinks are made in the UK from the finest, organic and natural ingredients including milk, cream, fruit and chocolate. Each 330ml comes in a fully recyclable carton and has a perfect blend of calories, protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals, 12 grams of protein and 4 hours of slow-releasing carbohydrates, these nutritious drinks are ideal for anybody facing physical and psychological eating difficulties. This could be due to conditions such as IBS, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, as well as eating and neurological disorders.

Loss of appetite due to a health issue is something that Jane knows well.  Her clinical experience and Cordon Bleu training has put her in an ideal position to create a food that can safely be given to those who have difficulty eating. Each drink is gently pasteurised, so they are safe, even for those with low immunity. Each Nourish flavour can be enjoyed as a drink or can be used to create one of Jane’s recipes, including ice cream and porridge, to entice taste buds and stimulate the appetite.

And it’s not only the elderly or unwell who are likely to be malnourished. A recent Hidden Health Challenges report found that the over 50s are also at risk.

Nourish is available in four delicious flavours

four cartons of Nourish for avoiding malnutrition

We put Nourish to the test

During a recent bout of illness, I stocked up on Nourish to make sure my husband was getting enough calories, protein, and nutrients. He lost his appetite while fighting off a chest infection and was eating only one small meal a day. A glass of chilled Nourish, which looks just like the most delicious smoothie, became his evening meal until he was feeling better and had regained his appetite. The verdict was that Nourish was delicious, filling, and felt more like a treat than just a meal replacement. It was peace of mind for me knowing that Stewart was getting a well-balanced meal in a glass.

If you are caring for an elderly or unwell partner or parent, Nourish is an ideal way of knowing exactly what nutrients they have eaten.

Restauranteur and chef, Prue Leith, CBE, DL, said “the Nourish drinks are gorgeous. Not too sweet but rich and calorific as needed! Made the chocolate one into ice cream. Yummy!”

Nourish and Jane Clarke has the support of Dr Martin Scurr, respected GP, former hospice medical director and physician to Westminster Cathedral, and Daily Mail Medical columnist, he stated ‘what Jane has achieved with Nourish Drinks is incredible; they are therapeutic on so many levels. She has used real ingredients that provide genuine benefits and taste delicious. The nurturing she has put into each Nourish Drink is as important as the vitamins and calories it contains.’

The perfect blend of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals, available in four delicious flavours, Raspberry, Vanilla, Mango and Chocolate (that can also be heated), Nourish, is made from the best all-natural and organic ingredients, real raspberries and mango, Madagascan vanilla and creamy rich chocolate.

Nourish can be purchased as a one-off purchase or as part of a subscription. Prices start from £15.80 for a pack of four drinks.

Nourish by Jane Clarke

Jane Clarke kindly supplied four Nourish drinks for testing, they were quickly consumed and a further supply purchased.

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