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Introducing Ai Beauty Consultancy – Personalised Beauty Prescription

The UK Beauty Industry is vast, in fact, it’s worth over £17 billion and employs over one million people.  And over the past decade we have seen a wealth of new beauty brands and a huge number of new products launched.  Gone are the days of reaching for a pot of cold cream and a flannel, you now need to know your AHA’s from your Retinoids, and your BB Creams from your foundations.  The staggering amount of choice means it’s all too easy to make costly mistakes when choosing skincare and makeup.

Where to find good reliable skincare advice and products

Along with the explosion of brands and products, there are now ever-increasing places for you to buy your beauty fix, from department stores and pharmacies to online retailers.  Making it even harder to know where to find reliable information.  Advice is readily available on the internet from websites, blogs and vlogs but, who can you really trust to give personal advice.  Advice that is unbiased.  Not given by a sales consultant, who is working on commission, or someone who recommends products, but they aren’t specifically suitable for you.  In my experience advice online can be conflicting, and instore can be intimidating, and pressurised, or worse still you can be ignored.  This has happened to me far too many times.

Ai Beauty Consultancy was created to help make informed choices

With an impressive background in the Beauty Industry, Arif Isikgun, who has worked with many of the leading brands and retailers, has created a bespoke service to ensure each beauty product you purchase is right for you.  Ai Beauty Consultancy offers a range of services for men and women.  Arif, using his extensive knowledge, can identify your skin type and condition, and recommend products tailored specifically for you.  Whether you need a new regime or one specific product to tackle a particular problem.

Being completely independent means that Arif can create a skincare routine which will not only suit your skin, it will also suit your budget.  If you are constantly making mistakes with makeup, let Arif advise you on which shades and textures suit you best.  A small outlay at the beginning of your journey could mean a huge saving in the future.  With Arif’s advice, you will no longer make costly mistakes.  Your Ai Beauty Personalised Beauty Prescription will help you cut through the hype and only recommend products specifically tailored to address your main concerns.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch our video where Arif explains more about Ai Beauty Consultancy

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