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Where to find reliable expert advice and products to ease menopause symptoms

When I went through the menopause there was little reliable information and very few resources.  If you think menopause is a taboo subject now, cast your mind back over 10 years ago when the internet was in its infancy and we were relying on books and magazines for our research.  We’ve come a long way and now have access to good information literally at our fingertips.

Health & Her – the One-stop Menopause Shop

Health & Her is a website created to remove some of the mystery and confusion from the menopause and offers reliable advice given by qualified experts.  Add to this the secure and easy to use symptom tracker and the carefully curated selection of products and you have a one-stop menopause shop.

Health & Her Symptom Tool

Head to the website and tap in your symptoms, based on the British Menopause Society’s most common symptoms, decide on the severity of your symptoms and the tool will recommend tailored products to help or alleviate these conditions.  It’s quick and simple to use and takes the guess work out of choosing which products are right for you.  The Symptom Tool will even point you in the right direction to read relevant articles written by the Health & Her experts.

Health & Her Expert Advice

Based on a biopsychosocial approach, which takes into account the biological (body), the psychological (mind), and social (lifestyle) aspects, the experts at Health & Her can offer practical ways to make your menopause straight forward and with minimal symptoms.  With 90% of the Health & Her team female, they know what a difficult and worrying time this can be.  They are on hand to put your mind and body at rest.

Health and Her selection of menopause products

Health & Her Shop

Whether you use the symptom tracker, search by symptom or product type, you will find a comprehensive variety of products at Health & Her designed to make your menopause journey an easier one.  Whether you need supplements, skincare or a reliable book to read on the menopause, Health & Her have them all.  Their product mission ensures that only the very best handpicked products make it onto their website.  This time saving way of shopping will help you find exactly what you need without traipsing around shops or trawling through other websites.

I wish that Health & Her was available when I was going through the menopause it would have taken away a lot of the stigma and helped me to feel less alone.  As we all experience the menopause differently, no one size fits all.  You might be having hot flushes and your friend never has one.  Being able to contact someone who knows what you are going through is so comforting.  And having different products available in one place cuts out the confusion and worry that you might not be buying from a reliable source.

Health & Her put to the test!

I was invited by Health & Her to put their service to the test.  I chose several products that I wish were available when I started my menopause journey and one that I honestly can’t live without.  Sounds dramatic but true!

This is what I chose:

Wild Nutrition Food Grown Magnesium

If only I had known just how important magnesium is years ago.  It literally helps every aspect of your body to function.  It reduces fatigue, improves energy, helps reduce anxiety and enhances psychological well-being.  And most of all, for me, it helps calm your brain and aids restful sleep.  Wild Nutrition Food Grown Magnesium is my supplement of choice and I am never without a backup bottle in the cupboard.  I have recommended this product repeatedly and really can’t live without it.

The Natural Menopause Plan

I admit that I made up my own plan for my menopause.  I read everything I could get my hands on and opted for high dose Omega’s, vitamin B complex and lots of exercise.  I was like Forrest Gump; I ran off my menopause.  I am sure there are better plans and we now have so much more information to hand.  The Natural Menopause Plan is full of practical ways to tackle the menopause including recipes.  This is the book I would have chosen.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Oil

If only I had known how dry my body would become during menopause.  I went from never using a body moisturiser to applying it daily.  Sea Buckthorn protects the body from the natural stresses of modern day life.  Combined with a light sesame oil, it revitalises your skin completely nourishing it.  I have also learned that applying any oil or cream straight after a bath or shower helps it to absorb far more easily.  Why didn’t I know that years ago!

Giggle Knickers

Since launching Fighting Fifty I have realised just how many women go through phases of their lives suffering from incontinence.  It may only be mildly after childbirth or when they laugh during menopause.  Whenever it happens it’s embarrassing and anything that protects us from little leaks is a godsend.  Giggle Knickers are cotton undies that look just like your normal underwear but have a gusset that keeps you and your clothing dry.  Simply drop into the wash and reuse.  Genius.

As you can see, Health & Her has a comprehensive range of different products to help make your menopause an enjoyable time of your life.  Their experts are on hand with reliable advice and their service is fast and efficient.  So, what are you waiting for, nip over and visit Health & Her now!

Products shown were gifted as press samples