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One body, one month, one piece of exercise equipment – here are the results!

We have an exercise bike and a rowing machine.  They get most of their annual use pre-ski season.  The rest of the year they just take up space.  I once rented a treadmill before committing to buy one and concluded they also take up too much space and cost far too much money.  Besides, it’s so much nicer to run in the fresh air.  Also lurking in the corner is my Body Blade, an impulse QVC purchase, Pilates ring, wobble board, hula hoop (don’t ask), foam roller, weights…  You get the picture, I am better at purchasing exercise equipment than I am using it.

I was recently asked if I would like to trial the FlexxiCore Challenger a Whole Body Vibration Training plate.  You may have seen similar equipment called Power Plate, they became very popular in homes and gyms a few years ago.  The idea is that you stand on the vibrating and oscillating platform and it challenges your body to balance while it changes speed and tilt.  This movement fires each muscle in the body to respond, giving it a workout.  In only 10 minutes, you can achieve a similar effect to working out with weights for an hour.  Sounds too good to be true?  The only way to find out is to put it to the test, so I used the FlexxiCore Challenger for one month and these are the results.

During the first week I used the machine on the Warm-up pre-set setting for 10 minutes each day.  During the week my mood lifted, my productivity and sleep improved, and a knee injury started to improve faster than it had over the previous months with physiotherapy and exercise alone.

The second week I was enjoying using the FlexxiCore Challenger so much that I skipped a pre-set level and went straight to Stimulate.  This setting varies the speed and tilt of the platform to comfortably work all muscles in the body.  My concentration improved as did my balance, something I had previously been working on with the physio.  The progress was much faster than previously.  The 10 minutes each day balancing on the platform meant that I could easily stand for longer periods on one leg.

Over the third and fourth week I noticed my skin improving, WBV stimulates the lymph and circulation, waste was moving faster around my body and the veins on my legs were so much less obvious.  I started to notice how well I was standing, far more upright and with my shoulders back.  My bust had lifted – wow what a bonus that was.  The effect was similar to having used weights in the gym for a long period of time.  Even my dodgy feet were improving, I had more flexibility in my toes than I can remember having in years.

After the month’s trial I had lost an inch from my hips and waist and half an inch from my chest and thighs which was impressive considering all I had done was stand on the FlexxiCore Challenger for 10 minutes each day.  I was hooked and started to add in some hand weights, stretches, squats and was ‘working out’ on the platform.  Although I didn’t lose weight, I wasn’t really trying to, combined with a controlled diet I am sure I would have lost some during the trial.

The FlexxiCore Challenger appealed to me for many reasons, and not only the health and fitness benefits.  It takes up little space, which is a huge bonus.  It’s simple to use, it has a remote control and only takes up 10 minutes of your time each day.  Whole Body Vibration Training benefits any other exercise you do, even if you only walk on a regular basis, it will help.  It’s the perfect tool for retaining strength, muscle and bone density as you get older.  My greatest fear in ageing is not being able to live independently.  If I can still carry my shopping, change a light bulb and do up my dress I’ll be fine, the FlexxiCore Challenger will help me achieve this I’m sure.  And it’s not too expensive.  Compared to a gym membership, long term it’s cheaper and more than one person can use it.  Get all the family using the equipment and it becomes even more cost effective.

After using the FlexxiCore Challenger I would highly recommend it, even if you haven’t exercised before.  It’s a safe and fun way to become fitter!

Visit the Energy for Health website for more details on the results of their trials.

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Please check with your doctor before undertaking any new exercise routine

The FlexiCorre Challenger was on loan from Energy for Health for this review

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