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Marks & Spencer’s new range of sportswear is designed for high, medium and low impact sports


Marks and Spencer Medium Impact Sports Wear

Starting a new exercise routine is never easy but finding the right workout clothes is!

Just in time to help us stick to those New Year resolutions, Marks & Spencer have launched a new range of innovative sportswear.  Divided into high, medium and low impact you can be sure you’re buying the right outfit for your sport.

Whether it’s running, yoga, Pilates or building up a sweat in the gym where every move counts, you can rely on M&S to bring you comfort and value.  And when you just need to cool down and relax the low impact range with colourful hoodies and roomy slouch-fit bottoms allow your body to recover in style.


M&S new sportswear range
Offering a good range of sizes and three leg lengths for joggers and leggings you’ll be able to find the right fit for your chosen sport.  The variety of colours are good, the abstract patterns are similar to other more expensive sportswear manufacturers and the fabric of equal quality.

If you’re Fighting 50 and Fighting to get Fit take a look at Marks & Spencer Sportswear!

Marks & Spencer