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We trial a new tablet to control urge, stress and mixed urinary incontinence

It was at the start of lockdown when I realised, I had a problem. In all the years I have been running and walking on Hampstead Heath, I have kept a mental route in mind. A route that takes me past several public toilets that I have, on more than one occasion, needed to use. Suddenly, all these options were closed. There were no toilets open, no cafes or restaurants, literally no toilets outside of the house. It became apparent that I was unlikely to be the only one who now had to plan their exercise and fluid intake more carefully.

It is only in recent years that I have experienced the fear of not being able to reach the toilet soon enough. That moment when you approach home, fumbling for your keys and knowing you must head straight to the bathroom. Although age is not the only reason for female incontinence, from the age of 40, a third of all women will experience regular, unwanted and involuntary leaks. This rises to 50% of women over 60.

There are several reasons for urinary leakage, it may be triggered by a weakened pelvic floor from giving birth – I know a 9lb 3oz baby did not help mine – menopause, and the changes it brings, as well as other physical and medical factors.

Femaxeen the simple way to control urinary incontinence

Luckily for me, I heard about Femaxeen, a natural-origin supplement that helps women maintain a healthy bladder. It was developed to prevent women having to rush to the toilet so frequently while helping to keep the urinary tract healthy. I was particularly drawn to this supplement as it is natural and backed by scientific evidence. The clinical study was based on a 90-day trial among incontinence suffers, so I agreed to test the product for the same length of time.

I was under no obligation to talk about Femaxeen and was not paid for the trial. The three-month supply of tablets were given to me.

Box of Femaxeen tablets for female bladder control displayed with a glass of water
Femaxeen – Female Bladder Control Formula


Femaxeen is a scientifically tested and proven formula

Femaxeen’s patent pending formula contains its unique, proprietary UriCyToin complexes AF&UI, made of purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts including Rye Pollen (Secale cereale L), together with pumpkin seed extract and Vitamin E. I won’t begin to pretend I understand this formula, but what I do know, is that pumpkin seed extract has long been known for its beneficial effect on the bladder. Each of these ingredients has been scientifically proven to help good bladder function and improved urinary tract health and urinary flow.

Does Femaxeen really work?

I started my trial, taking one tablet each day with a little water. During the first month I saw a slight improvement, but I realised, I was still being very cautious. Not drinking large quantities of water before leaving the house and making sure I planned well in advance if I was going out to exercise.

During the second month I started to go for longer periods of time between loo breaks and there wasn’t the same urgency. It was only as I approached the end of the third month that I realised the urge to get into the house after a long walk wasn’t anything like as bad as it used to be. It really was as if my bladder had been retrained and although as a creature of habit, I still didn’t miss an opportunity to visit the toilet while I was out, I wasn’t ever put in an embarrassing position of not making it there in time.

Femaxeen bladder control tablets displayed with a bag, car keys, lipstick, mirror and roses
Make Femaxeen part of your daily routine to control bladder weakness


Why you should try Femaxeen

Personally, I don’t like the alternative solutions to bladder leakages. I certainly don’t want any invasive surgery. Pads and liners, although effective, aren’t always an ideal solution. I want to avoid any drugs that might have side effects if taken long term.

Femaxeen has helped me control my bladder more effectively. I have had no side effects at all, and I noticed improvements with each increasing month. I can’t say for sure if the problem will reoccur if I stop taking Femaxeen, at the moment I’m not going to take that chance!

Femaxeen 30 tablets – one month supply £49.90 – also available from Amazon*


The products used for this trial were kindly supplied as press samples by Femaxeen

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