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Have we been shunning man-made fabric for all the wrong reasons?

Mention man-made, or to bring the term more up-to-date, human-made fabric, and I’m instantly transported back to the 70s.  Wearing a crimplene A-line skirt turned up at the waist to make it shorter, a drip-dry polyester shirt and sleeping in brushed nylon sheets.  Growing up in the 60s and 70s we were exposed to every synthetic fabric available as the fashion industry embraced these versatile materials.

But these fabrics left a distinct impression on me, they were often uncomfortable to wear, the hand feel wasn’t pleasant, they made you perspire and most of all they didn’t feel luxurious.

I was determined that as soon as I could afford to, I would only purchase garments made from natural materials.  I craved (and still do) silk, cotton and cashmere, fabrics that look and feel sensual, that are pleasing to the eye and the touch. 

Well, this was before I meet Jacynth Bassett, founder of the-Bias-Cut, who has educated me about man-made fabrics and why I am really missing out by overlooking them.  Modern fabrics are very different from their 1970s counterparts, they feel so much nicer, they hang as well as any natural fabric, and they wash and wear better as well.  Fabric technology is continuing to advance with new materials being able to keep us cool and wick away perspiration, perfect if you are going through the menopause.

I would never consider anything other than a man-made fabric for swimwear or gym wear so why not all my entire wardrobe?

In our video below Jacynth explains to me just how much fabric has changed in recent years



Have you realised how different synthetic material is these days? 

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