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The rechargeable, handbag size, highly effective handheld fan for keeping cool in any situation

I recently attended a fashion show.  It was held in a closed room with spotlights and seventy people – it was steamy.  As we all sweltered, I noticed a woman in the front row had a fan.  What a brilliant idea I thought, while at the same time thinking what an ugly design it was.  Imagine one of those garish rock lollies you get at the seaside and you’ll have a good idea of the size of the fan.

Over heating happens to us all at different stages in our lives, it used to happen to me long before I experienced hot flushes, sometimes I would even pass out.  Chemotherapy can leave you with varying temperatures throughout the day, pregnancy in the summer can be horribly uncomfortable, and travelling can be downright unbearable when it’s hot.

I couldn’t help thinking while at the fashion show, why isn’t there a fan that’s discreet.  One that you can recharge in the same way you do your phone in the evening.  A fan that can be used regardless of your age or gender, one that slips easily into your handbag.  As luck would have it there is, and it’s called FanU.  I’m not the first to discover FanU.  Simon Cowell has already shown his off on Britain’s Got Talent.

FanU the portable, discreet fan that every woman (and man) needs

Behind this great product is a touching story.  FanU is a family business created when Adele Marks daughter Jodi was diagnosed with cancer.  She was only 25 at the time.  The subsequent cancer treatment left Jodi experiencing hot flushes and early menopause.  At the same time, Adele was also having menopause symptoms of her own.  She set out to find a fan that would help the millions of women experiencing these conditions as well as anyone wanting to cool down in a hot situation.


FanU Portable Handheld Fan

FanU, designed to resemble a mobile phone, let’s you direct a stream of cool air to your face without drawing attention to yourself.  It quickly and effectively lowers your temperature making you feel instantly more comfortable. 

Simply recharge the FanU as you would a mobile phone using the USB cable supplied.  FanU comes with a velvet pouch and lanyard and weighs less than 100g.  Measuring 12cms x 6.5cms, FanU slips into the smallest of evening bags making a trip to the theatre in summer, a joy rather than an ordeal.

FanU giving back in more ways than one

Not only does FanU keep you cool, the company are also corporate partners with Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity.  FanU donate 10% of their profits to the charity with the hope that by 2050 no one will die from breast cancer.

FanU comes in a choice of colours, it can be personalised with your initials and there is even a limited edition with Swarovski Crystals.

I have never used a more effective portable fan.  Every woman should have at least one FanU.  They make the perfect gift and really do keep you feeling cool and comfortable, without drawing attention to yourself.  I’ll be taking mine to the next fashion show!

Available from FanU prices from £9.99

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