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Two products to ease tired muscles and revive mind and body post exercise

Last year I had the perfect excuse to stop running.  I broke my toe and even walking was so painful.  If you were wondering how this happened, it was definitely a sports related injury – well I’m claiming it as one.  In fact, I walked into the exercise bike hours before flying to Barcelona on a site seeing trip.  Not the best way to start.

When I was back from holiday and with no better excuse than it’s was cold, wet and dark, I hung up my running shoes.  January arrived and although the weather hadn’t improved, I now had an incentive to get fitter and knock off some of the excesses of Christmas.  Charlotte’s wedding was just 12 weeks away and I needed to tone up for the dress I’m having made, and I want to keep up with her when we run together.  A double incentive.

Since January I have been pounding the pavements and putting in the miles.  It’s been especially cold and miserable, the whole month seemed to be grey every day but, thankfully February has a more spring-like feel.

What has made running in the winter so much nicer is two products that landed on my desk during the bleakest of days.  ESPA is one of my favourite brands, I know I can rely on them to give that professional spa treatment but in the comfort of my own home.

There is nothing better than coming back from a run, cold and clammy to jump in a warm shower with ESPA Fitness Shower Oil.  You might be shattered but this uplifting Shower Oil will instantly refresh you and at the same time revive those tired muscles.  I do my stretching in the shower after a run, it’s multitasking and an excuse to stay in the shower longer.  I am sure the warm water and the Fitness Shower Oil has therapeutic benefits.


ESPA Fitness Shower Oil and Muscle Rescue Balm

ESPA Fitness Shower Oil

ESPA have cleverly blended coconut and olive oils, which gives a lightweight texture to gently cleanse and condition the skin, while the fragrance of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove bud oil and rosemary, awaken the senses and clear the mind.  When you step out of the shower your body is already moisturised and lightly fragranced.  I have absolutely loved having this product to use on dark dismal days when I have really had to drag myself outside.  Coming back to a warm shower has made all the difference.  There’s no doubt this is an indulgent product but a little goes a long way, you only need a tiny amount to get great results.  Whether you use the Shower Oil after the gym, going for a run or to take on holiday, you won’t be disappointed!

ESPA Fitness Shower Oil 250ml £32.00 available from Lookfantastic

ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm

The other product from the ESPA range – which if you don’t know it, take a look here – that has made my return to running so much better, is the Muscle Rescue Balm.

As you know, I love a multitasking product and this Muscle Rescue Balm can be used pre or post workout.  It can quickly soothe aching muscles and although you can use it all over the body, I’ve been using it on my legs after a shower.  Like the Fitness Shower Oil, the Muscle Rescue Balm contains a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus combined with clove bud and West Indian oils to create warmth to the skin.  Again, the fragrance clears the mind and has a restorative effect.

Just massage a small amount in upward movements, over legs, arms, neck and shoulders if you wish, and apply to pulse points for the reviving aroma to help focus the mind.

If you play sport or regularly visit the gym, then this Muscle Rescue Balm should be in your kitbag.  I’m keeping it in mine because since I’ve started using it I haven’t had a single twinge from my muscles post run, and just the act of massaging in the Balm helps muscles relax after a workout.

ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm 70g £30.00 available from Lookfantastic

These products were press samples – with thanks to ESPA for providing them