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The needleless treatment for Mesotherapy effects

I’m heading towards my late fifties and I’ve had to make the decision whether to continue using skincare to target the signs of ageing or to take a more invasive route and try aesthetic treatments.  For now, I’ve chosen to stick with skincare and investigate non-surgical procedures.  I’ve had the opportunity to try many different skincare ranges over the past five years and one that has really stood out is Filorga.

Why choose Filorga

The French Laboratory Filorga has been pioneering injectable solutions for aesthetic doctors since its formation in 1978. They have taken the same ingredients that are injected into the skin and encapsulated them into their skincare range.  Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and NCTF, a revitalising active ingredient complex identical to one used during Mesotherapy.

Meeting Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal

It was at a recent Filorga product launch that I met Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal, President of The Society of Mesotherapy of the United Kingdom.  Mesotherapy was developed in France during the 1950s, it is a non-surgical procedure using micro-injections to rejuvenate skin and hair, it can also be used for pain management and in treating sports injuries.  For facial rejuvenation, the injections contain a polyrevitalising solution of various medicines, vitamins and minerals to revitalise the skin.

It was arranged that I would meet Dr Hamida-Pisal again to experience an exciting new treatment he has pioneered called LuminoVitaGlow™.  A Mesotherapy treatment without the use of needles.

The softly spoken aesthetic doctor offers what he calls ‘The French Touch’ a little treatment which makes you look well, rather than ‘done’.  He will honestly tell you where and what treatment you need.  Often women arrive asking for enhanced lips when their skin is in poor condition, Dr Philippe politely suggests the skin is the place to start.  I was relieved that my skin got the seal of approval with Dr Philippe saying I had very little sun damage for my age.  All those years of keeping out of the sun and applying sunscreen has paid off.

Filorga NCTF the elixir of youthful skin

Filorga pioneered NCTF, New Cellular Treatment Factor, a polyrevitalising complex which contains over 50 anti-ageing ingredients, capable of reactivating cellular activity deep within the dermis to restore the quality of the skin.  Think of this as nutrition for the skin.

NCTF is the heart and soul of Filorga, its DNA, and is present in all Filorga’s Medi-Cosmetics.  After 3 years of research Filorga has launched a range of products which contain the equivalent of one vial of injectable NCTF per product.  It’s a breakthrough to create a formulation fine enough to penetrate the skin without having to puncture it.


Filorga NCTF-Reverse


Knowing that many people, myself included, would like to experience the results of Mesotherapy, but would prefer not to be injected, Dr Hamida-Pisal has developed LuminoVitaGlow™.  The facial treatment can be carried out during your lunch hour, there are no visible signs and no downtime.  It’s the perfect way to achieve glowing clear skin regardless of your age.  LuminoVitaGlow™ revitalises skin and infuses it with NCTF, a complex solution of vitamins, co-enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals but without the use of needles.

Visiting Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal and the LuminoVitaGlow treatment

I visited Dr Philippe in his London consulting rooms to experience LuminoVitaGlow™.  Following a discussion about the condition of my skin and completing the consent forms, Dr Philippe cleansed my skin in preparation for the treatment.  Although I didn’t have on very much makeup, I did have SPF sunscreen as I never leave the house without it.

During the initial stage of the treatment Dr Philippe massaged my skin using cleanser, this was to stimulate the blood flow and to drain toxins from the skin.  After the cleanser was removed a light peel was applied.  Had my skin been more damaged, a stronger peel would have been used.  The peel was only on my skin for 3 minutes and there was little tingling or burning.  I was asked on a scale of 1-10 how uncomfortable my skin felt, I replied 2, it was a very mild sensation.

Following the peel, the NCTF solution was applied, this consists of 12 vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme and amino acids.  There’s no sensation when the solution is applied, it feels cool and comforting.  Then came the yellow light for photo rejuvenation.  After a relaxing time under the light, which feels like being in sunshine without the burning, the treatment was finished.  A quick slick of SPF sunscreen and I was ready to go back to work.

The results of Luminovitaglow

The LuminoVitaGlow™ treatment can easily take place during your lunch hour, there’s no downtime and makeup could be applied straight after if needed.  As well as a healthy glow, my skin also looked as if it had been put back in place, as if it fitted better.  The treatment had a tightening and lifting effect but the real results could be seen in the following days.


Luminovitaglow results

Fine lines around eyes and across my forehead looked less obvious and my skin had clarity and even tone which made it look much healthier.  The treatment was carried out in the early spring which was the perfect time as my skin was lacklustre from the winter, and careworn from a recent ski trip.


Tracey McAlpine Luminovitaglow treatment


Treatment with Luminovitaglow

The LuminoVitaGlow™ is not a pampering facial, it’s a safe and controlled aesthetic treatment which is an alternative to Mesotherapy with needles.

How often should you have a LuminoVitaGlow treatment?

Dr Hamida-Pisal recommends you have three LuminoVitaGlow™ treatments in close succession to really see the benefits, and then repeat appointments every 3-6 months.  If your skin is damaged Dr Philippe will devise a treatment plan for you.  If you have cared for your skin and protected it from sun damage, the Luminovitaglow is the perfect treatment to revitalise and condition skin and keep it looking healthy.

Caring for your skin after the LuminoVitaGlow treatment

Filorga has launched NCTF-Reverse, a range of products each containing the equivalent of one vial of injectable NCTF.  The products work actively to reduce lines and wrinkles, firm the skin and bring back radiance.  I kept the glow from the LuminoVitaGlow™ treatment by using the NCTF-Essence and NCTF-Reverse, a regenerating moisturiser.

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With thanks to Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal and Filorga for the LuminoVitaGlow treatment