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We review the effective lifting and toning microcurrent facial for mature skin

I love an at-home-use beauty device and especially one that delivers microcurrent. The technology whereby tiny electrical impulses are passed through the skin into the deeper layers to activate the muscle to lift, firm and tone. The treatment is often referred to as facial toning or non-surgical facial lifting. I’ve used a microcurrent device at home for many years, but I’ve never had a full professional treatment. So, I jumped at the chance when I was invited to trial the CACI Synergy Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning at the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privè in Chelsea.

CACI has been the market leader in professional microcurrent treatments for the past two decades. Their latest system, Synergy, offers S.P.E.D® technology which takes microcurrent to the next level. Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery (S.P.E.D) delivers simultaneous LED skin rejuvenation at the same time as microcurrent facial toning. This helps tightening and lifting of facial muscles, whilst improving the complexion.

CACI Synergy can be tailored to your specific skin concerns

The beauty of a CACI Synergy treatment, is that it can be tailored exactly to your skin needs and even certain areas of your body can be singled out for treatment. For eyes try the Eye Revive treatment, or a Jowl Lift, or even treat your hands. The CACI Electro Glove technology allows your hands to be treated at the same time as your face, tackling more than one sign of ageing during the treatment.

Your facial can even combine skin exfoliation and resurfacing, wrinkle reduction for deeper lines and ultrasonic rejuvenation to deeply cleanse and exfoliate – the choice is yours.

The reception at the Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive Chelsea
Lisa Franklin Clinic Privè, Chelsea, London

CACI Synergy Signature Treatment at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privè

I took a short walk along Knightsbridge to Brompton Road where the Lisa Franklin Clinic is situated. The light airy rooms of the clinic are a haven from the bustle of one of London’s busiest shopping destinations.

I had previously been asked what my main skin concerns were. I explained that I had some fine lines appearing below the corners of my mouth that I would like to treat. I’m also aware the lines around my eyes are getting more noticeable, and I would like firmer, plumper skin – not much to ask for!

I met my therapist Hannah, who took me through to the London Room and gave me time to get settled. After thoroughly cleansing my skin, Hannah started to work the CACI probes on the areas of my face that concerned me most. There is absolutely no pain with CACI but the lifting and holding of the skin can feel slightly uncomfortable at times. If you have metal fillings, you might experience a slight metallic taste in your mouth. Otherwise, the treatment is painless and with no downtime, you could go straight back to the office.

CACI Synergy Signature Facial Toning being carried out on a mature woman
The CACI Synergy Signature Lifting and Toning Microcurrent Facial


The facial is relaxing but you know you are having a treatment rather than an indulgent facial. This is a workout for the skin and like any good gym workout, you reap the benefits afterwards.

During my hour long session with Hannah, the time flew as she expertly worked her way around my face concentrating on the areas of most concern. My eyes and below my mouth. When Hannah had finished she applied an SPF so that my skin would be fully protected when I left the clinic.

Mature woman having a CACI Facial using probes to convey microcurrent through the skin
CACI Synergy Signature Facial Toning

The results of the CACI Synergy Signature Facial Toning

After the facial, my skin looked clear and bright, the lines below my mouth had softened and my eyes looked lifted with less visible lines. I know that only one session won’t fix 60 years of living and that a course of ten would be ideal. But if you want to boost your skin before a big event or bolster your at-home treatment plan, then this is an ideal way.

The best results were seen the following morning, when my skin looked more toned, smoother and lifted and remained like this in the following days.

It’s recommended that you have a course of treatments, ideally 10 in total, with treatments two to three times a week, followed by a monthly maintenance appointment. Obviously, this is a commitment, both in time and money, but the CACI Synergy treatment is a great alternative to injectable treatments.

A mature woman at the Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive having just had a CACI Facial
A CACI Synergy Signature Facial leaves skin looking lifted and toned

What does a CACI Synergy facial cost?

A bespoke CACI Facial at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privè starts at £125.00 for a 1 hour treatment.

Prices nationwide for the CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning start from £60.00 for a 1 hour treatment.

CACI also offer Express treatments, such as the Jowl Lift or CACI Lip Booster, starting from £25.00.

If you are looking for firmer, more toned, healthy skin, then try a CACI Synergy Facial Treatment

For more details visit CACI and Lisa Franklin London



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