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The hard-hitting campaign leaves a lasting impression just as sun damage does!

Boots Soltan has launched a campaign to make parents and grandparents aware of permanent sun damage to children’s skin.  Since its creation in 1939, Soltan has been leading the way in protecting the whole family against sun damage.  In 1992, Boots introduced the UK’s first (and only) UVA star rating system.  It has become widely accepted across the Beauty Industry and has since been adopted by other brands.  Many people believe that choosing a sun cream based on it’s SPF rating is enough to prevent sun burn, but in fact, the significance of the star rating indicates that you are also getting protection against long term, permanent skin damage.

In a survey carried out by Soltan, 87% of parents understood that it is possible to get permanent skin damage from the sun, 40% believe that UVA damage is short term and lasts no longer than a week.  This lack of knowledge leaves many children vulnerable to not only sunburn but lasting skin damage.

Why choose a sun cream with a 5* UVA rating?

Choosing a sun care product carefully can mean the difference between completely protecting your children, and only partially protecting them.  By choosing a product with a 3* rating you will be allowing up to 40% of UVA rays to penetrate the skin.  Soltan is the UK’s only sun care brand that offers 5* protection for the whole family, preventing up to 100% of UVA from permanently damaging skin.

Nearly a quarter of a person’s lifetime sun exposure happens before age 18

Almost a quarter (23%) of a person’s lifetime sun exposure is acquired before age 18, so there is a real need for regular and effective sun protection for all the family.

What is UVA?

You may have read our article on Understanding UVA, UVB and UVC Ultraviolet Radiation.  The sun is made up of different types of rays and it’s the UVA rays which can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause permanent damage.  UVB rays cause immediate damage, such as sun burn.  Both rays cause DNA damage, which greatly increases your risk of skin cancer.

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How can I protect against UVA?

To get the best possible protection from UVA, use a sun cream with 5* UVA rating.  For sun cream to have a 5* UVA rating it must offer 90-100% protection from UVA rays.  Every product in the Boots Soltan range has a 5* UVA rating.

Why is it important to protect from UVA?

Many people are aware of the temporary damage caused by UVB rays, such as sunburn, but not everyone understands the risk of permanent skin damage caused by UVA rays.  UVA rays deeply penetrate the skin, causing permanent damage such as dark patches, wrinkles, loose skin and premature ageing, along with the risk of skin cancer.

Boots Soltan Sun Damage for Life campaign

To get the message across to parents, Soltan are running a campaign to illustrate that sun damage can be permanent.  Images of children remind us that sun damage is as permanent as a tattoo.  Choose a sun care product with a 5* UVA rating and a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF).  Remember to reapply frequently covering every part of the body especially after swimming, and even when it is cloudy and overcast.

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