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Lymphatic Drainage Massage system offering a host of health benefits

I was recently invited to experience the Body Ballancer, a clever massage system which uses invigorating compression to mimic manual lymphatic drainage massage.  Before I tell you how I got on, let me explain a little about the lymphatic system and why it’s so important to our good health.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.  Lymph travels only in one direction, towards the heart.  And unlike blood, which is pumped by the heart, lymph relies on pressure from blood vessels, motion, and muscles and joints to move the fluid around the body.  Working as part of the immune system, the lymphatic system protects against infection and disease, and removes waste products from the cells.  Lymph also carries nutrients and oxygen to cells and collects toxins, sweeping them out through the lymph nodes.

Why is lymphatic drainage important?

It’s important to keep the lymphatic system working.  Regular exercise and dry body brushing can help, but lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most effective ways of improving this vital bodily function.  Because lymph is keeping our immune system working properly, improving the flow and drainage is good for us in many ways.  Helping to ward off colds and viruses and aiding your body to fight infections.  Lymphatic drainage can also reduce water retention, which may lead to swollen feet or fingers.

Lymphatic massage can boost weight loss as it increases your metabolic rate and helps to burn more calories.  Good lymphatic drainage can improve skin texture and reduce puffiness and swelling.  Cellulite can also be improved as the massage increases blood flow and circulation, this helps the body break down toxins which can cause the unpleasant appearance of cellulite.


Testing the Body Ballancer

Tracey McAlpine testing the Body Ballancer Lymphatic Massage System

My Body Ballancer treatment

Knowing how effective lymphatic drainage massage can be for the body, I was excited to try the Body Ballancer.  I went off to Courthouse Clinics, just off London’s Harley Street, dressed in sports leggings and a t-shirt.  I was determined not to let anything come between me and an effective treatment.  In fact, you can wear any clothing, but I found this outfit comfortable and it meant I could really enjoy the massage.

After completing a new patient questionnaire, I went to the treatment room to meet Jules Willcocks, a director of the company behind Body Ballancer.  Jules found out first hand just how effective lymphatic massage was, and after 30 years as a business consultant, decided to retrain as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist.  By chance she tried the Body Ballancer whilst on holiday in Spain and was so impressed that on her return to the UK she tracked down the distributor.  That led to her forming Body Ballancer Systems, the company that now provides equipment to clinics, spas and fitness organisations across the country.

Advantages of the Body Ballancer

  • Improve cellulite and skin tone
  • Detox and weight loss
  • Slimming and body contouring
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Stress relief


Body Ballancer Trial

Totally cocooned in the Body Ballancer – bliss!

What is the Body Ballancer, and what does the treatment feel like?

Although the Body Ballancer looks like a huge pair of salopettes, it is in fact, a patent protected compression garment.  You slip off your shoes, slip into the Body Ballancer and lie back and relax.  Then the fun starts, Jules programmed the equipment and 24 individual pockets of air started to compress from my toes up my legs and to my abdomen.  The sensation must be tried to be appreciated.  Imagine a massage therapist on each leg firmly massaging in synchronisation.  It’s both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

At the time of the treatment I was still recovering from a knee injury and I was pleased that the Body Ballancer didn’t make it feel any worse, in fact it felt soothed.  After 35 minutes of the most amazing massage I climbed out for the giant trousers and expected to feel quite different but, nothing, nothing at all.  I just felt relaxed and that was about it.  I’ve heard of people who had the treatment feeling light, but I didn’t.

That night I slept really well and when I woke up the next morning my body decided to start an elimination programme.  It seemed to flush everything from my digestive system leaving me feeling very light indeed.  My body also looked more contoured and slightly firmer.  My skin felt soft and I’m not sure whether I was imagining it, but my thighs looked smoother and less dimpled.  I felt so good.  I also felt energised for the whole day.  I would definitely say I looked and felt a better version of myself.

The Body Ballancer treatment has definitely left me wanting more.  I am sure with a series of treatments, my skin would continue to improve, my cellulite would look less obvious, and these are only the outward signs.  What you can’t see just by looking, is the overall benefits to your health.  The boost that your immune system has got, the toxins that have been flushed out and your circulation improved.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, need your immune system boosted, want to lose weight or you just want a relaxing way of improving your skin, the Body Ballancer is a highly effective and enjoyable method.

The Body Ballancer treatment varies in cost depending on location, check the website for more details.

Body Ballancer