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The fun way to exercise over 50!

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to Elizabeth and Susan Jacobson, the Mother and Daughter duo behind Ballet Based Movement.  A fantastic website and YouTube channel that encourages us all, regardless of age, to take to the barre and move our body as nature and ballet intended.


Ballet Based Movement

Elizabeth and Susan Jacobson – Ballet Based Movement

When Elizabeth started to feel the weight of her years affecting her body, she turned to Susan a passionate amateur dancer, who has trained in many different dance forms as well as Pilates.  With Susan’s guidance through a range of ballet based exercises, Elizabeth quickly saw an improvement in her stability and balance, her strength, posture, and stamina.  Her painful foot began to strengthen and heal, and her body became more toned.  Not only was Elizabeth using her brain to carry out the movements, best of all, she was having fun.

Friends soon heard about the new way of exercising and Elizabeth and Susan began sharing videos of their exercises, and Ballet Based Movement was born.

Now, I am delighted that Elizabeth and Susan have agreed to create videos for Fighting Fifty readers to try in their own homes.  The exercises are simple, yet challenging, fun and highly effective.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll reap the benefits as Elizabeth did.

Our first Ballet Based Movement video covers balance, something we all need to work on as we get older.


Balance Exercise:

We love this exercise because of the importance of maintaining good balance as we get older.  And also, because it is a fun challenge!

The Aim:

Balance on one leg at a time for one minute each

The Benefit:

  • Improved balance
  • Increased foot strength
  • Increased gluteus and leg strength

Things to Remember:

  • Properly align your body before you begin the balance.  Activate the foot, the leg and the body
  • Have a sturdy piece of furniture next to you to lean on to stop you falling out of the balance
  • Build it up.  Start slowly and build it up to a one-minute balance

Good luck with the challenge!

You can see more of Elizabeth and Susan’s exercises at Ballet Based Movement