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Innovative service matches your mobile phone calls to your own hearing profile

We live in a connected world, one connected by our mobile phones.  It’s our lifeline when working or keeping in touch with friends and family.  But what happens when that connection isn’t clear, when voices on the phone are quiet, muffled or distorted?  The connection is lost.

It’s this breakdown in communication that’s leaving more than two thirds (67%) of British adults experiencing difficulty hearing or being heard on mobile phones.  For many this is a regular occurrence.

It’s frustrating and stressful not being able to decipher sounds well, especially in the workplace or crowded environments, it even leaves some people with ‘Phone Fear’ where they avoid answering the phone altogether.  Thankfully there is now a new service that will reconnect you and help make hearing on a mobile phone so much clearer.

Audacious – matching your mobile calls with your personal hearing ability

Audacious is a brand-new mobile phone network that sets out to make hearing on your mobile phone clearer.  Audacious understands that we all hear differently and have developed a world-first technology to match your mobile phone calls to your own personal hearing ability.

Created by world-leading hearing scientists with a passion for delivering clearer calls, Audacious uses a unique technology to load your personal hearing profile to a SIM card that can be inserted into your own mobile phone.  There is no need to upgrade your handset or to change your number.  You order your SIM card, carry out a sound check online, and Audacious will load your unique hearing profile to the SIM and send it to you.  All you do, is simply put it in your mobile phone and you’re ready to enjoy clearer calls.  And, best of all, you can change your profile whenever you wish by taking a Sound Check online.  There’s no need to return your SIM card, your profile can be changed immediately online.


Audacious Mobile Phone Service Making Calls Clearer

We put Audacious to the test!

My husband occasionally finds it difficult to hear voices clearly on a mobile phone, especially in a noisy situation, so we were excited to see if Audacious could improve the clarity of his calls.  We were lent a handset for the purpose of the trial.  Stewart went online using a laptop, registered with Audacious and took a Sound Check.  It was simple, he just had to click when he heard certain sounds and his profile was stored.

We could see clearly from the graph how well he heard different types of sound.  We then got the opportunity to hear a standard call and an Audacious call before saving the profile to the SIM card.  The difference was exceptionally clear!  The voices using Audacious had a much better clarity.  We did the Sound Check using a hearing device and without it, to set the best profile.  This profile was then immediately available on the SIM card already in the mobile phone.  The whole Sound Check only took a few minutes and we could change Stewart’s profile as many times as we wanted.  We spent some time making calls and checking the difference between my mobile phone without Audacious, and the one with Stewart’s hearing profile stored on the SIM card.  It was obvious, even to me who generally doesn’t have a problem hearing on a mobile phone, that the sound was so much clearer using Audacious.  There was a clarity to the calls that my phone didn’t have.  The real test came when we used the phone in a crowded restaurant, the voice on the call was clear and sharp and it was much easier for Stewart to hear even over the voices in the room.


Improve your mobile phone clarity as your hearing changes

Our hearing can change over the years and being able to hear clearly on a mobile phone is essential.  In our connected world we need to be in touch.  For many, a mobile phone is a lifeline to keeping up with friends and family, so it’s important to be able to hear our loved ones’ voices clearly.  With Audacious we can continue enjoying conversations even if our hearing is changing by simply updating our personal profile.

The Audacious mobile phone network has been tried and tested on the Isle of Man where 9/10 people experienced clearer mobile phone calls as a result of using the service.

We’ve tried and tested Audacious and feel it’s set to make many people’s conversations more enjoyable.


This article was sponsored by Audacious; the words, images and views are my own.