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50+ and looking to make new friendships? Here are our top tips for making it happen!

We all know how great it is to meet new people and learn all about them, but how can we give ourselves the best chance to make amazing new friendships? Well, good news! The saying is true that it’s the simple things that matter.

Use Who London’s 9 Simple Top Tips when you’re meeting new people in general or at social events and let us know how you get on!

  • Be Smiley: it sounds obvious but many people forget how we’re all drawn to one another’s smiles (your whole face lights up and everyone looks more approachable when they look happy)!
  • Have a Sense of Humour: like a smile gravitates people so too does humour – therefore use it to “break the ice” (just be careful and avoid sarcasm though, until you know the person a bit more).
  • Be Aware of Your Body Language: you can easily use it to show your warmth – a little gesture at the right moment, such as putting your hand on someone’s shoulder or arm when you’re talking to them, shows you’re a caring person concerned for others.
  • Expand Questions: ask and ask some more – make sure you show you’re interested in what the other person is telling you and don’t just bring the conversation back to yourself all the time; rather ask further questions about the parts he/she is telling you that really interest you.
  • Use Small Talk: remember to talk about everyday life, such as what you’re cooking for dinner or what you’re doing tomorrow, as well as what you do and where you live – it’s these little things which will help create a common ground and a comfortable environment in which to relate to one another.
  • Give Compliments: show your admiration for the other person’s clothes, jewellery, tastes or accomplishments – telling the other person you like something they have chosen to wear or have achieved makes them feel good and remember you (it also makes you feel good which in turn will make you bubblier)!
  • Share Your Views: don’t just feel you have to agree with everything the other person says: if you have a different opinion don’t be scared to share it (in a non-offensive/non-argumentative manner!) – both of you will find the conversation much more stimulating if you’re honest about what you think and feel.
  • Focus on Aspirations: avoid just talking about what you’ve done in the past, but talk about what you would like to do or attain in the future – sharing our dreams and ambitions give a better picture of who you are now, where you want to go in life and what your future might be like.
  • Stay in Contact: finally, don’t be afraid to ask the person for their mobile number (or email address if it fits the occasion) if you both seem to have enjoyed each other’s company – don’t be shy with this and think of all the fun you could have going out together.

Alexandra Felce is the founder of Who London, the social events organisation bringing together those 50+ looking to enjoy more of London.

To find out more visit the Who London website and connect with Alex on Twitter @Who_London