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Replace one step of your skincare routine with a UV and blue light protecting product to reduce the signs of ageing

Over the past decade we have become very aware just how damaging the sun’s rays are.  What we are now learning, is that the screens we are using daily; computers, tablets and mobile phones, have a similar degrading and ageing effect on the skin.

This means it’s even more important to protect our skin at all times, not only on holiday or when exposed to the sun.  Dedicated skincare is available which is broad spectrum, protecting against damaging UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, and also blue light constantly being emitted from screens.  These one step products will protect the skin as well as repair and enhance it.  By using these sunscreens in place, or in addition to your normal moisturiser, will cut down your risk or skin cancer and premature ageing.

In this article and video, we cover 6 products that have been tried and tested by women over 50, they work well on mature skin and can be used alone or under makeup.

Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF 30

Ever since I was given this super hydrating sunscreen it literally hasn’t been off my face!  Although the packaging states that the product is tinted, I would argue that it isn’t tinted in the way we would expect, just that it isn’t white, and doesn’t leave white cast when you use it.  Teoxane are known for their Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) which nourishes and plumps the skin deep within the lower layers, as well as helping to retain moisture on the surface.  Packed with antioxidants to protect and repair the skin, peptides to boost collagen, Matrixyl 3000, and a blend of proteins to help restructure the skin’s elasticity.  This light reflective cream gives a healthy radiance to the skin and works perfectly as a primer for makeup or a skin tint.

Texoane Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30 50ml £52.00 available from Teoxane and Skincity*

Murad City Skin Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I’ve lost count how many people I have recommended Murad City Skin to.  Genevieve has also been using this sunscreen for the past year with great results.  This mineral sunscreen not only protects skin for sunlight, it also does a great job of blocking 89% of blue light emitted from devices.  Whether you use this SPF under your makeup or wear it alone, the soft peachy cream with vitamin C helps to brighten and even skin tone and correct damaged previous causes by the sun.

Murad City Skin 50ml £60.00 available from Murad and Amazon*

REN Clear Screen Mineral SPF 30

If you prefer a mattifying effect, then REN Clear Screen is the SPF to go for.  This broad spectrum mineral sunscreen will also protect from blue light as well as UVA and UVB.  Ingredients including zinc oxide to physically shield the skin and yellow passion fruit seed extract to boost the skin’s internal defence system and protect against pollution and free radical damage.  This silicone free sunscreen has taken REN 6 years of research to produce an SPF that’s good for your skin and still be super clean to the planet.  Lightweight and easily absorbed, this sunscreen is packaged in a tube created from 50% and a cap that’s 100% recycled and both can be recycled all over again!

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF* 50ml £30.00 available from REN and Lookfantatsic*

EVY Technology Daily UV Face Mousse SPF 30

I have to admit that I bought the Evy Daily Face Mousse because I saw so many people talking about it on Instagram.  Everything they said is so true.  This conveniently packaged sunscreen starts as a whipped mousse and becomes a lightweight, easily absorbed sunscreen.  Formulated with hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins C and E, this sunscreen helps to prevent pigmentation spots, and has ingredients including silk extracts and caprylic capric to help soften and moisturise the skin.  With long lasting protection, the Daily UV Face Mousse works well under makeup or alone.  Apply the product and allow it to sink in before applying makeup.

EVY Technology Daily UV Face Mousse 75ml £25.00 available from EVY Technology and Amazon*


Eminence Lilikoi Moisturiser and Light Denfense Face Primer

Eminence Organic Skincare Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturiser SPF 33

I’ve only recently discovered this organic beauty company and so far, everything I’ve tried has impressed.  One of Eminence’s latest launches is the Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturiser which has a high SPF 33 and replaces your normal moisturiser.  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to natural block UV rays, protecting the skin.  Lilikoi (passion fruit) seed oil is a source of vitamin C and additional antioxidants protect against environmental damage, while satsuma mandarin peel gives anti-pollution and anti-inflammatory protection.  Larch tree is a natural SPF booster which helps to prevent skin dehydration.

Eminence Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturiser 60ml £59.00 available from The Skinsmith

Eminence Organic Skincare Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23

This lightweight illuminating skin primer helps defend the skin against blue light as well as the sun.  Designed to be applied over your moisturiser, I found this a little too much and prefer to use the Face Primer in place of a moisturiser.  If your skin is particularly dry, you may find this added layer of moisture is perfect for you.  Used alone as a primer, the Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer is lovely.  It gives a perfect base to makeup and also helps perfect the skin and give it radiance when worn alone.  The ingredients are similar to the Lilikoi Moisturiser, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, lilikoi and larch tree, with the addition on coco seed extract to help protect skin from the ageing effects of blue light.  This is the perfect product for me when I am at home, without makeup and stuck in front of a computer!

Eminence Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer 35 ml £55.00 available from The Skinsmith

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